The Intelligent Stoner: Possible?

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  1. The title may be a bit misleading. I'm not insulting anyone, so grab a seat Grass City, this will be a long one.

    I've had a recurring thought that I seem to dwell on while high almost as often as when I am sober. The overall question I find myself stuck on is whether or not there IS in fact a negative correlation between overall intelligence and cannabis use. By Intelligence, I'm referring to the CAPACITY of (Intelligence Quotient), not necessarily how much somebody knows (general knowledge). I've read all the reports and scientific studies "proving" that there is or isn't, however I am unable to see ANY correlation- negative OR positive- with myself. After all, one would know themselves well enough to confirm (at least on a personal level) whether or not this is true, right? Well, I spent some time doing a little experiment. While high, I demonstrated most of the typical attributes that are so often attached to the "stoner" stereotype. I forgot where I had set my drink down just seconds ago. I had difficulty responding to questions, and equal difficulty interpreting thought into spoken word. Lastly, I was very hungry (which I promptly subdued with a large helping of mashed potatoes).

    Phase One: Academics
    Now, with the apparently obvious symptoms out of the way, I was able to attempt a more rigorous set of tasks. I dusted off several textbooks from my first semester in college containing material no more advanced than what I had learned in High School (in order to set a reasonable bar for anyone else willing to try this). The subjects included Mathematics, English Composition, and Biology. Note that I selected these simply because they contain material from the general studies of math, language and science.

    I began with a series of questions taken from the "Test" sections of the textbooks, after a brief review of the material. Smirking at the thought of actually utilizing these chapters of the textbooks (something I thought I'd never do), I proceeded to create a small exam consisting of ten questions from each book. Checking my answers in the back after completion, I added up my total correct answers and divided by the total, and achieved a 66%. Not a failing grade, but certainly not acceptable in the eyes of most who expect academic proficiency.

    Phase Two: Wisdom and Empathy
    With this segment, I decided to delve into the social aspects of cannabis. While high, I sat with a group of close friends and discussed many non-related topics spanning from spirituality to politics (granted, most stoners will find themselves discussing similar topics as part of the "opening of the mind", but it was the setting and interaction that I was focused on, not the semantics). While high, my responses to personal questions and advice given to others seemed to center around community. Questions like, "What should I do?" or "How does this happen?" or "Why?" were given responses indirectly connected with the group as a whole, rather than giving an answer that directly targets the individual (Ex: [Q] "Why did my boyfriend dump me?" [A] "Because we as humans are always looking for etc. etc."). These responses were then usually followed by "dude" or "man" or "duuude, maaan, totally!"

    Overall, there was a much deeper connection between those in the group and as a result, the advice given typically communicated a generalized explanation, devoid of any kind of logical direct response. While certainly not a negative characteristic of stoner conversation (I actually enjoy insightful debate, personally), it does show that thinking seems to be more scattered, roundabout and indirect.

    Phase Three: The Control
    One week later (exactly seven days into a tolerance break), I picked another thirty questions from the same chapters and textbooks as before. I answered the questions as best I could, and scored a 91%. I honestly have to admit, I was shocked, seeing as I rarely find myself scoring in that upper percentile (of course, that may just be a question of motivation).

    Following suit, I decided to call up my friends again to get together for a BBQ. While there, we talked, same as before, but instead our topics seemed a bit more concrete and down to earth. Specifically, we talked about our jobs, personal finances, etc. Upon hearing statements such as, "I want to go to Amsterdam next summer", a response was, "Dude, you really need to start saving up asap. I've been thinking about that, too". Now, I'm not claiming that our conversation was "dull" or "boring", but our conversations and topics were real-world and down-to-Earth in nature, with responses and advice being more specifically aimed at the target question or statement.

    Lastly, I came back home and thought about all of this. Then I thought about it more over a nice toke... better make that two tokes. My conclusions aren't strong enough to place on either side of the main argument, or even substantial enough to persuade me on any personal correlation that might exist. All I was able to gather from this was the fact that cannabis obviously DOES alter thought, comprehension and mental perception, as well as certain levels of creativity, but intelligence? I do not believe that my prior smoking resulted in a higher personal test score (if anything, it was more likely the exposure and familiarity with the material). I do not believe that my advice, wisdom, empathy and ability to directly and logically process thought was lessened because of cannabis. It was all JUST DONE IN A DIFFERENT WAY. Our minds perform much differently whilst high than sober, but to claim that cannabis impacts intelligence and the ability to learn or recollect negatively or positively is, simply put, uneducated.

    I submit to Grass City and all of its readers: Does cannabis affect intelligence? What do you believe? Have you done similar experiments? What have you discovered to be true? I don't want any links to reports, studies, journals, or findings. This isn't about them, it's about YOU. What do YOU believe?
  2. Intellegence? I would guess no.
  3. sounds like your hanging out with really nerdy stoners
  4. I love my Mary Jane, and I'm still smart. Booksmart, anyways.
  5. hmm well i was one of those gifted kids and i smoke just about everyday, i was getting tested for ADD when they realized i was gifted. I went to most of the test sessions still pretty hazy from the night before so it didnt really affect my scores. Although interestingly my math and writing abilities are pretty good according to the tests but not "gifted"nor anywhere near as high as my reading and comprehension abilities. these skewed results could be from pot or they may not

    you decide
  6. I'm too drunk to read all that but I'm smart and I smoke mad weed
  7. I was dumb as a fucking stone before I ever took a hit.

    It doesn't bother me anymore.
  8. I always meditate, it's just a lot better when I'm high. If anyone has ever read Carlos Castenella, I imagine flying with the birds.
  9. Hmm. I've definitely thought about this. I personally believe that smoking weed negatively effects my results on thinking activities of various nature, but positively effects my results on thinking activities of other natures. What I'm saying is... uhh... I seriously doubt that I can concentrate on, say, a difficult math word problem long enough to go through the entire solution. I could do it sober fairly easily, but I doubt that I'd be able to stay intruiged long enough to figure the entire thing out. However, I definitely connect with myself and others on higher levels than when sober while high. The discussions that occur while I'm high I would sometimes declare to be... intellectual. Moreso than usual, possibly.

    All in all, difficult to say. I vote that it definitely has an effect, but not necessarily a bad/good one.
  10. The general consensus so far seems to be that weed affects the traits that are usually associated with intelligence, but maybe not necessarily intelligence as a whole. Sorry if that wording was a little strange, I'm baked :smoking:

    Interesting feedback, though. Keep it coming!
  11. :)good thread, I read it all, I found your points and research to be very interesting. I find that weed makes us seem "less intelegent" on the outside, while its more of a personal inside experience. Inside I find my thoughts to be clearer, and I can think of other things than I normally would sober. So sort of as your conclusion came to be, its more of a difference type of intelligence then a drop or gain.
  12. I have been smoking non-stop for 4 years now. My grades are alright. 3.0 GPA. nothing special but i am baked almost 24/7. most people can't even tell. I like to keep to myself, stuff like that so that people don't get too close to me and figure out im a straight up pot head. lol.

    I went from mad hydro, to mad schwagg, with even some minor recreational drug use, LSD namely. And have noticed nothing but improvements.

    Mathematics used to be a weak subject of mine, but after taking some remedial courses, i know laugh it up. I am a lot better now and have a much more firm grasp. I almost have a associates degree now, baked the whole time, woot! Took a couple wrong classes, so it's going to take me a bit longer than 2 years, but that's okay, im in no hurry to finish college! :)
  13. I was raised with my dad..... and he's one of those people who's so smart he's just a total asshole to everybody. He can't get along with many people, but he also smokes. I'm basically identical to him. I have very few friends....part of the High IQ Society and shit. I don't know, I always got disrespected in HS because I have long blonde hair and wear tye dye and smoke....but I was always more intelligent than them. I'm not being arrogant, I don't really like it. I don't know.
  14. full ride in college and now im in med school.

    high iq society? haha you mean pseudo-intellectuals? i have friends like that and they feel they are the unappreciated scholars of our time.

    i dont come off as a smart guy at all. i suck at spelling and ill admit i still have a lot to learn.

    i think what really makes you an itelligent stoner is someone whose trying to make a difference in the world versus someone who can't wait for halo 3 to come out so there moms can buy it.

    yes im talking to you 20 something yr olds who still love a home cooked meal.
  15. Well, firstly I commend you taking a scientific approach to marijuana. You can tell this is an objective study because you, a smoker, were suprised at the outcome.

    Before I get into what I believe, I want to point out a few things.... The first of which is that you used only yourself as a subject, and your 'control' is actually invalid.

    Am I to understand that you took the same test twice- once sober and once stoned?

    Personally, if I take a test, then check the answers, I am going to learn the answers. I was not at all surprised to learn your second time around you scored a 91%. You already reviewed the book twice at this point, and already took one of the tests. I'm sure that when you got the answers wrong, you went back and looked to see what was up. So not entirely scientific here.

    My idea based on experience is that while canabinoids are bound to receptors in your brain (your high), your short term memory goes out the window. I think thats because when your stoned, you deviate from the linear thought patterns that western society has.

    If this then that.

    When you throw pot into the mixture, it becomes more abstract. Instead of if this then that, it becomes what if. Thats because of the enhanced sensory perception. You can SEE the music, and you can SMELL the movie. Ya dig?

    As far as wisdom, ethics, and other sociological factors go, you need to understand that pot shrinks the ego. You become less influenced by the rigid structure of our world and go out on a limb. I come back to the what if question again.

    I know that when I'm stoned, its almost like a different perspective on things. I will say that I am more confident in making decisions stoned then if I am sober. When I'm sober I'm afraid to make mistakes. When I'm stoned, I can FEEL what is right or wrong.

    EDIT: Let me just say that I'm just starting college, and being stoned has not harmed me in any way. I won't get high before my Chem lecture or lab, nor my calculus class. But English or Computer Science, most days I'm stoned.

    I consider myself an intellectual stoner. Not only in the sense that I am smart (some areas I'm dumb in too, don't worry), but in the sense that I am a student seeking knowledge.
  16. I'm a very intelligent person, they tell me im a genius, i don't buy that for a fucking second, but i know that I'm smarter than the average bear. I find that smoking will make me fuck up more in areas that require memorization, like math (fuck math). But, in areas where the problems require logic and just straight up intelligent thought, smoking helps me to own the fuck out of it. Also, everything creative is made better by weed, I write alot (essays, songs, poetry) and I play guitar, and all of my favorite things that I've written were done while I was stoned to the bone. gotta love the herb.
  17. I dunno guys, in the circles I usually frequent an intelligent stoner is somewhat of a taboo. You're always passed off as some uptight psychotic for using 'big words'.

  18. Extraneous bombastic circumlocusion! Such antidisestablishmentarianism! :D

    Stoners are generally smart enough to outwit the government, what else do we need?
  19. I didnt have time to read everyones post... but to the OP i read yours and here is my findings

    Strangly enough I think weed REALLY helps me in the intelligence field... I mean i was a smart kid before i started smoking.. but it helps me concentrate ALOT better. of course only on stuff i actually care about. Luckily im nerdy and want to know everything.

    However, On days that i smoke an hour or so before work I seem to get lost and confused or forget orders (im a waiter).

    Then again it definatley comes down the the strain your smoking.. I can have a bowl of OG Kush in the am study my ass off all day, switch to some Hash Plant and in the pm and all i wanna do is sit and not think
  20. i think its helped me. i blaze every other day if not everyday. i don't like blazing before class but if i smoke afterwards i dunno it helps me learn the material. i went from a 1.8 GPA as a freshman blazing a bowl a week to a 3.0 GPA as a senior exiting high school blazing a zip a week. now i kick it in college still blazin still bringin in the grades. so yea smoke weed=get smart for me

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