The Insomnia Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Huey_Freeman, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. I. Am. Wide. Awake. Work in two hours... Fuck! Remedies? My current stash is sativa -_-
  2. I was up for 28hrs yesterday. Crashes for 5, now I'm back up wide ass awake.

    Remedies? Ummmmmm...........I dunno beer makes it more fun.
  3. i never sleep, cuz sleep is the cousin of death
  4. Sativa is day time use. You need indica to sleep and melatonin
  5. Remedies? Get a chick and bang her till your so tired your gonna sleep like a newborn
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    ^School's out as you can see.  :rolleyes: 
    At this point in the game, it's probably too late to try anything for tonight. You just gotta power through work. :confused_2:  Hopefully you don't have to drive because driving sleep deprived is extremely dangerous. Be safe, man. If you do, you might call in sick (if possible) and you should probably go see your doctor when you can because you're at the point it needs to be addressed if it's affecting your job.  :( 
    I know your feels, man. I've struggled with insomnia my whole life and it can be really frustrating, inhibiting, etc. Just try to relax and don't let it stress you out or work you up even more. Don't overdo the caffeine because it'll just make things worse if you do. Try apples first, they're supposedly better than coffee and actually do work. In general, make sure you're eating right, exercising plenty (but not in the evening), and are otherwise taking care of yourself.
    You might try (a) 30 minute power nap(s), but you run the risk of not being able to wake back up, which would be really bad since you have work obligations, especially if it's during your break and your boss finds out. As far as weed, I would probably avoid it as you'll be more susceptible to its effects and more emotionally vulnerable if you have a stressful job.
    In terms of the type of weed, you should definitely consider switching to an indica during your evenings. Its sedative effects are much more distinguished from sativa strains, although I've actually found a good indica dominant blend like Northern Lights, is the best because it still has some sativa, which helps if you struggle with a racing mind, etc like I do.
    I've yet to find a cut and dry treatment for my insomnia, so none of these are magic quick-fix tips, but I hope some of it still helps nonetheless. I really hope you figure out something that works for you cause, like I said, I totally know your feels when it comes to not being able to sleep and it can really suck.  :( 
  7. i really love a good indica before bed.
    i smoked a sativa before my flight out here after havfing not slept in like 24 hours and it was nice. i dont often smoke satvas because i prefer high CBD strains and sativas, while dont cause panic dont actually help my panic either.
    but a good indica at night (and sometimes hybrids) are great for pain and for a night of good sleep. if you can get an indica i say go for it for sure.
  8. Sleeping pills.

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