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The impatient thread

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sip166, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. This thread is for people that are waiting for something in the mail and cant wait till it gets here. I ordered an mflb offline and im so impatient. i cant wait till it comes. If anyone is waiting for something (pipe,bong,vape) anything. post here. then when ur done post a picture of urself with it. or using it for the first time :)
  2. I got my mflb in the mail pre sick but different high I think but saves soo much bud. I'll take a pic once I'm home
  3. my new ehle is gunna be here saturday and you have no idea how excited i am to get it lol
  4. mine should be here tomorrow :) cant wait to conserve bud while being super stealth in my dorm room :)
  5. I know the feeling. It was driving me crazy waiting for my EHLE to come in.

    As far as right now, I'm impatiently waiting for my next hookup. I drive about 45 minutes away for a dank hookup, and I always seem to go dry at the most inconvenient times when I can't make the trip.
  6. i am waiting for a grinder and a vape. :(
  7. I'm waiting for seeds in the mail, and some stupid little 3.5mm female to 3.5mm female jack adapter. The adapter is coming from china so it's taking forever and the seeds have been mis sent twice now..but they are so very close to me I'll most likely get them tomorrow. I am very impatient with things in the mail. I'm the kind of person who will check the mailbox multiple times when I'm expecting something.
  8. I'm waiting on my dealer to text back, does that count? :cool:
  9. I would think that counts, in fact that is an even higher level of impatiencey previously demonstrated in this thread, for that I think it not only counts but should be applauded.
  10. I am waiting on my ebay money to clear so I can get grow supplies and pay my friend, thats on october 11.

    then I got my grow light coming friday.

    Im Pretty excited
  11. I'm waiting for my ph meter and my tds meter that I bought all the wy from hong kong said they should be here two weeks like one week ago hopefully it gets here in time cuz u germed exactly one week ago
  12. Took a fucking month to get my MFLB from vapeworld, now thats just rediculous to get something form the states to canada.
  13. Waiting for tommrow, when i get my dub :rolleyes: :p
  14. Scratch that. Got my bud.

  15. this haha ^^^ i checked the online tracker like 10 times a day XD

  16. What, really? :(
    I ordered mine from em last thursday and I had hoped to get it by this weekend. Would suck if i had to wait another 3 weeks >.>
  17. got my light, waiting for money to clear to get ventilation and soil, nutes, PH, etc.

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