The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

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  1. This. Is. An. Awesome. Movie
    not only because of the movie itself, but because of the symbolism

    (spoiler aheadd)
    I don't know about a lot of the symbolism in the movie (such as the tarot cards, or the writing on Tony Lairs forhead, or that kind of thing) but I get the symbolism of the movie

    it's a story about becoming a god

    the Imaginarium is a choice between enlightenment(Parnassus) or cheap thrills(the bad guy)
    the point is to give the people inside a choice. then comes Tony liar who who, instead of giving the people a choice, convinces them to pick his. he brings a third option into the mix, himself. he convinces the people to give their souls to him. and he begins to 'change his face' accordingly

    awesome movie
  2. I watched this while tripping and had a great and confusing time.
  3. Yes it is pretty much confusing, not actually able to understand..
  4. My wife and I watched it today after smoking and thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't really have any problems with understanding it. Great concept!
  5. Terry Gilliam is a cinematical genius.


  6. Same thing. +10 into peak. it was insane. very confused when i watched it again but not as hard this time. not the same movie, ill say that
  7. is this like ledger's suicide note??

    movie was crazy&awesome 12/10 would watch a handful more times
  8. production quality was uneven throughout the movie and was the only thing really holding the movie back for me. Aside from that I'd say I enjoyed it, but not in a huge way.
  9. Just watched it & really liked it

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