The Idea of human ignorance

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  1. I had this crazy realization about human ignorance as I looked at my laptop and its shadows. My room was dim from my lamp and I looked at both my laptop and my shadow and realized that when shed under a light, you see two parts of this object: the laptop and its shadow. So basically when I shed light to it I get another view of the laptop; sort of like a different side of the object you didn't really know about. If I shine another light I get another view of the object under a different light, and if I use many lights I get more shadows. Isn't this how human ignorance works? The more humans try to look at life and the world's problems under a different light, the more ways we can learn more about them and evolve? The problem is that ignorance does exist, and there are certains things about us that are causing so much conflict, war, poverty, and murder. But a big reason why these things happen is ignorance. I believe humans can evolve more as a species if we were less ignorant, but perhaps it is one of many characteristics of humanity that keeps us from being perfect. Will there one day be a day when ignorance may cease to exist?

    PS: I'm blazed as shit right now, haven't smoked in a month and I am just soaring in the clouds with god right now :smoking:
  2. Ignorance and just flat "not giving a flying 747 fuck" about things seems to be the rage in American culture now a days. I am not saying I am perfect and always stay one step ahead of everyone but I think as a community and nation we don't work together towards a positive future. People are always chasing for something better and not sitting down to enjoy what they have.

    My opinion is ignorance arises from the need for money and lots of. Money for everyday living for food, home, a few conviences I find no problem with. It's when it reaches the next level and all you live for is money is when our culture and our people suffer as a whole. People start to think about what other people think, how they look, or if they said the right thing. Competition starts where people try to backstab each other just for a couple of bucks. Then the part comes where you no longer see the world for what it is but rather a twisted view of what humans have done to themselves.

    If I were to predict the future I give it 50 years or less before the America as we know falls and crumbles to the ground. But, to say that is a bad thing would be far off from the truth in my opinion. It's time for a change in this world where people can stay ignorant because that is part of life, without surprizes life would be no fun but I think its time to realize the importance of our lives today and the affect we will have on our species in the very near future. Shit if reicarnation happens then let the human race die off if we don't change our ways. I would be happy to come back as an eagle or maybe a monkey.

    For me happiness is about spreading the joy not keeping it to yourself and I hope to see that soon in our culture, I work towards it every day and it is not an easy thing to do but I feel one day it will all be worth it.
  3. nice man +rep i totally agree, once we learn more about the world in front of us the more we understand the bigger picture and realize how insignificant so much shit in our lives are. The only way to escape ignorance is to open your mind, and be ready to accept all possibilities.

    remember we are not that far removed from "lesser" animals so we exhibit many of their attitudes which are self defeating in our lives. eventually i think we will evolve to a more intellectual being, one with less ties to animal instincts
  4. Dont get yourself confused buddy with everyone else, yes people are ignorant but as a society we must function with laws and with those laws we evolve into a more better society. If everyone was ignorant we probably wouldnt be here..
  5. I was at a party last night and I kind of have a reputation as "the conspiracy guy" because I've been pretty vocal about my views on 9/11 and such. A friend of my friend started poking fun at me for subscribing to conspiracy theories (most people at the party were upper-middle class/republicans), and though it was all in good humor, I asked him why he didn't like conspiracy theories, and to this he replied, "because they're stupid." And that was the epitome of ignorance, because he did not ever even read or really look into it. And thus is the plague upon the well-off people of the US. ignorance.

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