The "I just..." Thread.

Discussion in 'General' started by Monteepython, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. I just spilled some weed out of my grinder over my laptop.
    Good thing its a Macbook and the keys are fitted perfectly in a closed body of metal =D

    I still lost a fair bit in my clothes and carpet.

    What is something you just did that you would like to talk about, or just feel the urge to tell someone who cares enough to reply :D
  2. i just finished playing a song on my guitar:confused_2:
  3. oh yeah macbooks are well made, in the last two weeks I'v dropped mine off my bed onto the hardwood floor twice..and I'm typing on it now.

    I just drank a 40 of pbr:rolleyes:
  4. Masterbated. Wanna talk about it?

  5. its just a computer man chill,
  6. Drank some Cranberry juice.

  7. How did it go?

  8. noyou

  9. Aw nice, which song was that? How long ya been playing?

    That's not good for it eh! lol
    I dropped mine for hte first time and dented the corner for the screen. And what happened to it? I got a fold-in on the outer most part of the corner and thats it lol.
    It's a tank :D

    Sure thing, how was it :rolleyes:
  10. I just blazed through a bowl and started watching sharktale and got on GC, all at the same time. :smoke:
  11. Pearl of the Stars by Coheed and Cambria. Its a nice finger picking song. Ive been playing around 5 years or so off and on. You play?

  12. :clap: :clap: :clap: ahha
  13. I just came

  14. Not yet. Got an electric, amp and pedal (latter two from my buddy so he could get weed hahaha).
    I'm strumming here and there hitting random shit getting a feel for it, and eventually i'll open a few books I have.
    Then I might take a few lessons. who knows.

    5 years is a good haul. In a band?

  15. :p how was that?
    I don't like it, but sometimes add it to OJ to dampen the taste, or to add extra falve to the oj
  16. i just dropped into this thread,
    after a hit.

  17. Glad to have you mate :)

    Papers, glass, wood, metal ?

    How'd you toke up?

  18. Swimmingly.
  19. na im not in a band. I jam with a few people but i really just started getting serious with my practice. Time will tell what happens:smoke:

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