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The "How to do trim your pubic hair" thread.

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by DankestKush, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. i shave it all down there. after the first few times it feels normal and ma chick likes it so umm ye lol

  2. I don't understand how you can willingly tweeze your ball hair man.. I take the trimmer and cut 'em down, but it hurts like hell when one gets caught in the blade, let alone yanking them out one by one:eek:.

    I try to keep it trimmed, not bald though. I just don't like the look and stubble= annoying as fuck and itchy! (Also, to women: be glad when you shave, the stubble and itchy bits don't flop around and irritate the surrounding areas. Trust us, it's terrible.)

  3. HAHAHAHAHA + REP for the dave chappelle reference man hahahahha i love it.
    that was awesome too. frickin botoxing your balls lololol :hello::hello::hello:
  4. #24 TearDownGod, Jan 17, 2010
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    I've shaved absolutely everything off of every where at least once every three days for the past 4-5 years.

  5. SERIOUSLY? :confused:

    I can barely stand tweezing my eyebrows, I can't imagine plucking my balls..
  6. ummm... you grow hair on your cock?
  7. I don't shave it (If I do I feel like im 12 again). I do though give it a trim and create a square out of it, usually diameter of my balls. Now you know. Girlfriend likes it short, but if I do trim my balls it usually ends up in bloodshed so I try to refrain from it :,(

  8. I would assume the hair that starts to grow at the base, happens to me, probably goes up 3/4 of an inch, especially underneath. Shave away.
  9. Shaving hurts like a bitch...I have hair all on my shaft and I can't imagine shaving that shit off. I also have hair on my balls, and a damn jewfro on right above my cock. I also have a really hairy gooch (the area between your nuts and your butthole). Shaving that would be terrifying. I'm all natural baby.:cool:

  10. lol, you should get that waxed :eek: :D
  11. ''does this look like a Q to you?''
  12. completely bald.
  13. got no problem with doing the caveman in between droughts:confused_2:
  14. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yk0zijcLPjw]YouTube - Family Guy- Quagmire[/ame]

    plus rep
  15. I forgot to mention balls and all :D. Guys that are afraid to shave their balls, invest in a gilette fusion :D. Also, learn proper shaving techniques :p.
  16. If you use shaving cream and a five blade razor, I don't see how that would hurt. Hell, I use a gilette razor to shave. Five blades equals no hair, and smooth skin with no razor bumps. Much better than my old Venus one.
  17. Cause no one likes a hairy cock :laughing:

    I used to shave but now I trim. I like my man hair but I dont like that jungle shit its just a pain in the ass.
  18. I just trim my pubes with scissors and wax my bikini line so there aren't pubes stickin out of my panties. Completely shaving the pubes is too much work
  19. ehehehe, i have an arrow pointing down too!
    (I'm a chick, fyi)

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