The "How to do trim your pubic hair" thread.

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by DankestKush, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. how do you style your package. I tend to shave my balls and leave a square patch right above my dick. One time i even made it into an arrow pointing down hahah
  2. Shaving your balls is the stupidest thing you can do. Spikey balls hurt :(
  3. I trim it with scissors lol.
  4. I'm to hairy everywhere. If I did that it would just look like a big bald spot in the middle of a hairy body. And I'm not about to start shaving my whole body.
  5. This would probably do best in the "love, sex, and whatever the fuck, threads, but, alas.. from a females perspective, I'll say that hair is disgusting. Shave away. Ahahaha.
  6. Same goes for you.
  7. Sometimes I let a little grow in, just like I let my beard grow from time to time. For the most part it's all gone.
  8. Pubic hair has always been a 'less is better' type of thing

  9. I'm not disagreeing, though,.. I think a completely shaved.. ... .female part.. is not as attractive than a little something left. I think completely shaved girls look like prepubescent children, a bit.
    That's just my opinion... :D

  10. That's what we're after :ey::ey:
  11. Yanno what they say, "If theres no grass on the field, play in the mud".
    I shave it all:D

  12. LOL! Oh my..
    well, thanks for the laughs, but I'm gonna go eat this Mac n' cheese bread bowl, and some lava crunch cakes. Ahahahaha!
  13. Trim everything down to half an inch from time to time. Also shave my cock. Nothing more disgusting than hair on my cock.
  14. thats exactly how i feel

    tho, for the most part....its gone
  15. i like to keep it short but not gone

    also i would be to scared to shave my balls for those who said they do that. also there really isn't enough hair on them to make it worthwhile to me
  16. this should be a poll, me thinks...

    But uh, yeah of course I trim my pubes. My pubes regularly are crazy long... Like easily 2 inches, maybe longer.

    So of course I gotta trim the bush, the shorter I keep it trimmmed, the bigger my wang looks!
  17. I let mine grow and style 'em like Snoop's hair.
  18. Smooth as eggs! hahaha lol

    [ame=]YouTube - Dave Chappelle - Balls[/ame]
  19. I don't because I like seein' a girl go down on me and comin' back up gaggin' on my ball hair
  20. I trim my the patch but tweeze my balls. Smooth hairless balls= win. Watch out for ingrown hairs tho.

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