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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Aimer, May 15, 2006.

  1. I have recently met an amazingly attractive 19yr old blonde who i have totally fallen for.... although she is totally against drugs especially pot and wants me to take a drug test in a month cause i told her i'd stop..

    shes worth stopping, but i really dont think i can.. im just so used to blazing everyday.

    anyone have some advice for stopping ...atleast just for a little?
  2. And you're letting a girl you just met change your life's decisions.... why?

    If no one respects what I do, they can hit the fuckin' road.
  3. be like thurogood and go with the pussy
  4. she makes me happy like maryjane lol
  5. The fact that she want's you to take a drug test is an alarming indicator of what her behavior will be like in the future. Just by that I can tell that she's gonna contolling and vindicative. Take my advice with a grain of salt if you want but i've seen it a thousand times. I'm not saying it will never work, but you should let her know that she can't dominate you like a mother figure. Otherwise its gonna be a rough ride...
  6. i was thinking that, but she says she wants me to take it because she wants to know if im serious about us (so im not lying to her telling her im not smoking) and so isnt wasting her time... she told me she used to be with a drug addict, she doesnt want to deal with that shit again.

    i guess i can stop smoking, next time i smoke i will get so much higher, lol.
  7. So basically what you're saying is she doesn't like you for you, and cause she's fucked up in the past she's forcing you to change your shit?
  8. Its on you man, your life your decisions.

    Pro: She wants you to take a dt to see if your serious, you know what serious couples do? Have sex.

    Con: She may be controlling very controlling in the relationship, if so you can always leave.

    Suggestion: Get her to smoke weed
  9. Its hard to know what she thinks, but i know she just wants whats best for me...

    aka not smoking
  10. not forcing me... but she wont be with me if i smoke... so its up to me.
  11. dude fuck that, don't change for anyone. do what you want to do. don't sell out for some ass.
    she just met you and is already trying to change you, just imagine your life in 10 years. no girl is THAT hot.
  12. hoast was dead on...fuck haters of marijuana. You should never have to change for anybody but yourself.

  13. have you hit it yet? If not this is a very very bad move on your part, you really want some contoling brainwashed bitch who doesnt want you smoking the sweet leaf? Sorry but no matter how hot the pussy is there is more where that came from, you can even find a girl who will toke witcha.
  14. thanks for the advice guys.. it helps :)
  15. mary j > any other chick i have been with so far. i have a few stories on how i been fucked over by a bitch that i can tell you. if she really likes you, she wouldnt let it get in the way. i met this chick in school today and she wants to try extacy with her tommorow. shes pretty hot and nice as hell to me, and im gonna roll tommorow and see where it takes me.
  16. damn dude stop being sucha ex told me to quit smoking weed and i told her to fuck off...two days later she called me and said she will let me do it but not around her.....just tell her to fuck off and it will turn out great...and i will never quit weed for a piece of fish...true story:smoking:
  17. marijuana is my #1 love!

    i dunno. make a brownie and give it to her. see if she likes bein high ;)

    why did you tell her you smoked anyway? shoulda let her find out for herself.
  18. dont listen to the brownie idea...that is simply hipocritical. forcing her to get high is like her forcing you to not. In my opinion... choose whichever makes you the happiest. Obviously the girl will be the healthier choice. obviously weed would be the better choice! (nah just kidding)

    but seriously, my best advice would be to try and compramise. explain to her that your not a drug addic, explain to her the true qualities that weed does have, and try and work something out where its cool if you smoke a few times a month or so as long as your not around her or off doing stupid things with your friends. And remember, theres always more fish in the sea... and theres allllllllways gunna be more trees.
  19. its beyond simple...

    Mary Jane doesn't cheat on you lie leech off you or try to convert you

    shes there whenever you request her presence without fail while this girl obviously has issues

    shes projecting her own mistake onto you and if you're willing to accept her as is she should be doing the same if not kick that nutty bitch to the curb asap cuz it'll be downhill from there
  20. after seeing her tonight i have to say... unless its some purple funk i wont be smoking for a while :)

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