The Homemade Glycerine Condenser Coil

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    Whats up City! I'm back with something new I have designed in my mental wanderings while high.

    From the bringer of the Stealth Mini-Fume Extractor, I now present:

    HOMEMADE Glycerin Condenser Coil :hello:

    For now this tutorial will consist of my Materials List, Tools, and Construction Procedure of the coil. I'll be sure to add Pictures and a Video later.

    Materials List

    1 Smart Water Bottle
    2 Vitamin Water Bottle Caps
    2 Vitamin Water Bottle Threaded Heads (the top part the cap screws into)
    1 length of 3/8 Inch Air Tubing
    2 Bottles (you want 10-16 ounces) of Vegetable USP Grade Glycerin

    |: The Air Tubing can be found from any local pet supply store that carries supplies for fish.
    |: The Veggie Glycerin can be found at a local craft store, like A.C. Moore or art store, like Lee's Art Supply or Pearl Paint in NYC. It used for home soap making typically.


    1 Hot Glue Gun w/ Glue
    1 Knife/Pair of Scissors (really any easily handled cutting tool)

    Construction Procedure

    1: Cut a 5 Inch tube from the Smart Water Bottle.

    2: In one of the Caps, drill a whole in the center to accommodate for the width of the Air tubing. This is VERY IMPORTANT:Once done, thread just enough of the tubing through the top of the cap so that you can grab it on the other end. The Cap should have no tubing sticking beyond the height of the cap so that the tube can be flush with the cap when it is stood up.

    3. Hot Glue the tubing to the cap on both sides. Be sure to make this air tight now before anything else.

    3: Next, thread the tubing through one side of the Smart Water Tube so that the top of the cap, is facing the tube.

    4: Now, with the cap flushed against the SW Tube, begin to coil the Air tubing into it. The coil should sit against the wall of the tube and wrap around several times. You can place as many coils as you want in it, just be sure to not have a kink in the hose anywhere in the coil.

    5: From here you have a few options. First, you can leave it the way it is, tubing just floating and not held down and move to the next step. Or you can do something similar to spot welding with your glue gun. Add small dabs of hot glue to the coiled tube against the wall. this should secure the coil. Once you do as many areas as your glue gun can reach, pull off the other side where the cap was flush and spot weld the coil from that side too. My glue gun unfortunately would not let me reach all the way to the middle to spot weld, but it was secure enough.

    6: Now, Glue that cap that is still dangling from the Air tubing, to that side of the SW Tube. Again, be sure to be gluing it in the orientation where the head of the cap faces the tube.

    7: Now for the otherside do the same thing with the cap. Drill a hole in the center and thread it on the tube so that the heads of the caps are facing each other in the tube.

    8: Fill with the Veggie Glycerin!!!:rolleyes::D

    9: Slide the cap up the tubing so that you it sits flush against the SW piece. Now pull it back about a half inch to give it some room. Hot Glue both sides of the whole on the cap

    10: Now force that extra bit of tubing into the SW piece so that the cap lies flush against the side of the SW piece. Hot glue the cap and make sure it is liquid tight.
    -->My strategy to avoid any bubbles in my piece was to fill it up a bit extra and have it spill out of the sides a bit when I put the cap in a bit to hot glue it. Double check the hot glue seal on the underside of the cap.

    11: Cut the tubing flat to the bottom of the cap so that it can stand up on either side.

    12: Take the 2 Vitamin Water Bottle Heads and have the ends where the caps screw on facing AWAY from each other. Hot Glue them together this way.

    11: Screw the connector piece to either end of the completed Coil. This provides a small chamber where the smoker can smoke from instead of sucking directly on the cap.
    --> Secondly, it provides a connecting joint to there detachable parts. (i.e. Kalec's design for Tree Percs, which I have three of.)

    Optional Procedures

    You can very easily mix in some patterns coloring to the glycerin by adding food dyes or soap dyes that may be found in the craft/art store where you found the glycerin. I did this with some blue dye and I swirled it around a bit.


    You have now completed your completely homemade, fraction-of-the-cost, functional Illadelph imitation Glycerin Condenser Coil!

    Now all you need to do is pop it in the freezer, attach it to another lovely homemade you might have, and toke away!:laughing:

    :bongin:Happy Toking Grass City:bongin:

    Zen, Love, and Enlightenment for all,



    EDIT: I've now added 2 pics of the completed product. I'll have to make another one to make a vid or take some pics of the process because I kinda just got into it and blew through the set up.

    Just as a note. I ended up NOT using a Smart Water Bottle, but instead some plastic tubing that is used to protect florescent lighting, you can find it in your local Lowes or Home Depot. Happy toking people, maybe this thread will get a bit more love this time around. Thanks for the feedback Akua and Kalec. +rep


  2. sounds pretty legit, but i believe some pics would make this a majestic thread!
  3. Nice man i made some very slimier concepts a while back but i never got around to getting glycerin. Nice job man, can't wait to see some pictures.

    Here's a picture of V1 of my Coil condenser i made two more versions but never got around to taking pictures of them. This one just has water in it, i glued a fill cap on the side.

  4. *BUMP* for the addition of my pics.
  5. wow dude that thing is insane! way to go. i want to see a milkvid.
  6. milk viddddddddddddddddd
  7. Oh, and a pic tut is preferable, too. Your instructions are kinda hard to follow.
  8. MiIlLlKkKvVvViIiIiIdDdDdDd
  9. Gonna reply?
  10. Sick...I love coil condensers......! Just picked up one myself. Not to hop on your thread but thought this would be a good place to drop a pic...Peace

  11. That is a sick setup you got their you must have a lot of fun with that
  12. Nice job man, I was looking at your other thread too, you make some great stuff!

    Going to try it out
  13. Awesome bro.

    Give us an update! A photo tutorial would be greatly appreciated.
  14. sickkkk
    i think i saw this a while back
    u should definately post more pics
    if anything, i need a pic of the caps after being glued on
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    unbelievable how much shit comes out of your posts. You didn't just pick one up. In fact you admit you are selling these sets to GC and to any other member interested because you cut a deal to the "blower" that makes these. So yea. you didn't JUST pick one up and you're NOT just a dropping in a pic. Anyone who would do business with you would be an idiot.
  16. Word, someone ban this guy already all he does is try to advertise his shitty product on this website which is against the rules. And then he tries to lie and say its not made in China when it clearly is.
  17. Nice, looks cleaner than a gatorade bottle. Anyway I just wanted to add that if you take the rubber foot from a cain or walker you can use that as an adaptor for a real glass bong. Just make a hole and epoxy it to the bottom of your coil and zang a useable condencer for your roor, or well anything. Got the idea when I saw headshops using them for a hose attachment for a standerd tube.

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