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The HIGHEST you've ever been?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TokinTom98, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. A full shot of Bacardi 151/ half oz batch of Green Dragon. Never been so fucked in my life I had a hangover.
  2. Okay me and 3 other buddies had a half o sesh in like an hour or something. So that was pretty messed. I've also gone to the Toronto Freedom Festival several times. If anyone has ever been they'd no that hardcore stoners go crazy on this day. Just non stop toking and usually we try to roll a half o blunt.

    I've been taking omega 3s for awhile now and I'm not sure if it's working or it's just a placebo, but I went to a vapor lounger recently. I honestly haven't been that high in awhile so it must be working. I was definitely as high as I would have been smoking all day at the freedom festival.
  3. I once got so high I could not stop laughing. My words slurred a lot. My brother asked my why I got retarded high. To which I replyed and I quote "I don't like being retarded. I just like the feel of it." yes I was very stupid high.
  4. Better edit your post man before the gods catch you.
  5. my first bong hit..... which turned into ten bong hits because i couldn't feel the burning pain in my lungs after the second milky rip of sweet dankness
  6. For me it was after a deadmau5 concert. We got back at around 3 a.m. and started smoking. We had so much weed we didn't stop smoking till around 8 a.m.. I swear I felt like I was hallucinating lol some speakers started looking like wii and the windows were different somehow. Music was amazing needless to say ;)

  7. That was mean... Even if he did edit it, there was nothing he could do about your post quoting him, so he would get banned anyway.
  8. [quote name='"TheTruthIsrael"']

    That was mean... Even if he did edit it, there was nothing he could do about your post quoting him, so he would get banned anyway.[/quote]

    But he didn't

  9. Only one shot?
  10. The first time I got properly stoned I was walking around my backyard with my friend feeling as if I was floating (it was some heavy indica). Being unfamiliar with the sensation and being incredibly high I was seriously contemplating whether I had died and was a ghost now. My mind wouldn't accept the fact that simply inhaling some funky smoke could make me feel so incredibly spaced out.
  11. Road my bike to McDonald's in the morning and got completely lost even though I knew the way there.
  12. The first time I smoked most definitely was the highest I've been.

    My ex's family threw 4th of July parties at her cabin every year. I told my friend if he came with I'd smoke for the first time, so he agreed.

    Once we get up there and the party starts, my other friend's weed hookup rolls up o_O. Apparently, him and my ex are cousins.... anyways, he brought the BEST looking herb I have ever seen. (All my friends smoked around me for years, even though I didn't, I still knew what bomb weed looked like) He said it was $20/g (usually $15/g here) which is fuckin ridiculous, but TBH I would've paid it. Anyways, he packed my homie's spoon and we toked around back. I had a couple beers beforehand, was hardly buzzed.

    I don't remember much else except laughing uncontrollably on a pontoon, looking at the stars, and then going to sleep with my ex on the back of the boat. When I woke up, there was naked people everywhere singing Do or Die - Paperchase, and 2 chicks dancing spread eagle on top of us haha. Apparently they demolished 7 kegs. Cool story.
  13. One time i smoked about 3 bowls of some herbal incense called ripped bannana or something like that and a bowl of kush out of a pipe and i could not remember who i was or who my family was for a good 2 hours and thought that the world didnt exist and i was just dreaming or something.
  14. My third time smoking was on Saturday. And man, I got stoned as fuck. I'm obviously a novice smoker but me and my friend bought a bong and some weed and smoked about three bowls together and I was just wrecked. I could FEEL myself think.

    I was high until the next day at around four o'clock. :D

    I love having a low tolerance.
  15. The first time I ever smoked was with my friend and we bought a dub sack of reggies. We snuck out of the house and smoked. And smoked. My body was telling me what the hell are you putting in me? My whole body, from head to toe was feeling an indescribable feeling I haven't felt again since I've became a stoner. And sadly I will never feel it again, no matter how long of a T-break I take since I will know what to expect.
    Anyway, it felt like ALL of the neurons in my body were sending messages to one another. The neurotransmitters were going crazy from synapse to synapse. Undescribable, really. It was actually a very "clear" high if you know what I mean. Not the stoney-sluggish one, but how you feel right after smoking some very potent sativa.
    It felt like my clothes were tickling me, I could feel my skin rubbing against my jeans, the air molecules rushing through the hairs on my arms. I hope someone else can relate with their first time, if they can remember.
  16. Highest I've been was the second smoke after a 5 week t-break, dabbed twice then finished strong with 2 bowls of some dank medical stuff. I was locked to that couch.
  17. The first time I ever hit a bong. I barely started smoking again after a pretty long break so my tolerance was still low. My friend had some chron packed in a zong so I hit it and holy shit :eek: I was tripping HARD!

    I got couch lock and I'd have to sit in the same position the whole time cause I'd feel weird when I moved lol That shit was crazy. Thats by far the highest I've ever been. That zong tore everyone up haha
  18. Highest ive ever been was probably this summer. Dont wanna sound light weight but it was the first time I took more than one dab (three). I was completely done. Baked. Loaded. Roasted. I had to ask my friends to leave early because I was just gone. I passed out right when I hit my pillow. Actually cant believe I made it to bed.

    That reminds me I gotta save up for a dab setup.
  19. I always seem to out do myself each year at my towns hempfest, Im that guy you pass and think "dam that ninjas STONED.. and makin money" lol
  20. Me and 4 Friends all hotbox my car. We started out with 5 blunts, then moved on to the 4 foot bong. Had about 10-15 bowls of the bong. And then we all slowly smoked out of are pipes until it was like 2 am. I personally had about 12 bowls from my pipe... And to finish it all out we used our gas mask and then PTFO... It was a great 420... Looking forward to it next year.

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