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The HIGHEST you've ever been?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TokinTom98, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Well, me and Jake (my friend) bought 3.5 grams of some really frosty, smelly stuff for £20 of my dealer, and rolled 6 nice joints with it :D After smoking them, we sat on these logs/benches in our local nature reserve, and I was so incredibly stoned, we was listening to music, and I felt so intouch with the lyrics, I could understand them, find out their true meaning in an instant :smoke: My whole body felt like it was being pressed with needles, hot and cold, but the sensation felt A M A Z I N G, I remember describing it to Jake in such detail. Somehow our talk turned to aliens building the pyramids, and we spoke for aliens for hours and hours, spoke about spaceships and and other galaxies far off!

    That was the highest ive ever been! What about you lot?:smoke:
  2. BY FAR my first time smoking. I smoked like 4 bowls and didn't feel anything then decided to go in my room and BAM hit me like crazy. I even forgot I was making eggs and I left the garage door open.
  3. You smoked 6 jays back to back? BEAST MODE.
  4. Probably not the highest but recently I was so high off a bowl of this danky dank that for a good half hour I sat there writing random sentences and just looking at my hand writing. lol I went into deep thought about how everybody's hand writing is different I was looking at how mine was unique.
  5. Mount Everest. Good Times
  6. Started the night off at a park with 2 joints. My friend got a text saying there was a party a few blocks from where we were. Decently High when I showed up and smoked some kids "Pocket Vape" (Fuck that thing it wastes so much nug) But it ripped me. After that ended up getting in my friends brothers car and we ended up at another party. The smoking was all in the garage and a HUGE session was going on so i matched some kid on a blunt. After that I was gonna call it quits and go home so on my way home I got a text from my friend who his parents let him blaze in his room, asking me if I wanted to chill. I couldnt resist so I went over there and Vaped Hash Oil and Smoked his bong with like 12 other kids and ended up passing out on his couch. I was TORN apart.
  7. My buddy bought a qp a couple weeks ago and there was 4 of us and each of us bought an 1/8th off of him for 20$ because he always hooks his dudes up haha, and we each rolled one 1.5 gram blunt, and 3 j's then we just passed them all around in a circle, needless to say i was high as i'd ever been and this was after a day of drinking all day while swimming hahaha

  8. Over a hour period, we shared them so about 3 each :D
  9. I was doing buckets and did a 20 bag with one of my mates, anyway it hit us all at once on the way to tesco for munchies. Idd look at him and then look at the pavement and Id have gone 20 feet in an instant I physically felt with every step I was taking 20 it was like teleporting down the road.

    The whole world was going in and out like pulsing and I could hear the sound of the pulse. The whole world was much more in my face and everything sounded amazing. I was clapping my hands and it sounded like a symphony.

    Must have looked like massive tards though lol

    Another time I got so High i went to the toilet and forgot what I was doing and ended up wanking for about an hour I used a full thing of shower cream.... i was also at my friends house hahahhaha

  10. are you from britain?
  11. I certainly am
  12. :wave::smoke:
  13. the first time I smoked from a bong... good lord . Guys this was the 3rd time ever I was smoking weed the first time we smoked 2 joints between 3 people it didnt do shit to me . the 2nd time I smoked from a gandalf pipe it hit me nicely and I was so relaxed in the club , was good times drinking shots and being so fucked god I remember i was so fucking horny . NOW THE HIGHEST I HAVE EVER BEEN WAS THE 3RD TIME it was from this 20'' blue glass bong , and it was some g13 haze , I remember seeing crazy fucking visuals when closing my eyes like I was tripping on dxm , it was fucking amazing I even freaked out so badly I coudnt move from my chair I WAS LIKE STUCK THERE. I had only took 4 full bong hits and I doubt I will ever get high like this again unless its edibles thats the closest ive experienced up to date . anyways @ op yeah 6 joints back to back is perfect :D frosty shit is always the best
  14. my first time. took four hits from a joint, coughed like crazy. then my vision started to get blurry for a couple seconds and a wave of uncontrollable laughter came over me. i kept thinking and talking like a rapid-processing machine (i was 15... got pretty fucked up), and it felt like i was in a disney animation because the visual contrast was so intense. ended my experience with a pretty strong headache

  15. sounds like my first! (btw im 14)
  16. [quote name='"TokinTom98"']

    sounds like my first! (btw im 14)[/quote]

    Aaaaaaannnnndddddd, he's gone
  17. [quote name='"Bank of Dank"']

    Aaaaaaannnnndddddd, he's gone[/quote]

  18. My first time actually getting high in 7th grade.. I thought high was just being happy and chill but was I wrong lmao. I smoke 2 bowls with my homie b4 school and all of a sudden I realized how numb my legs were so I started running around (lol idk why) and half way through It hit me that I was FUCKKED UP.. My vision was strait shutter picture vision haha.
    I ended up calling my mom and telling her I was sick and when I pulled out my phone I remember it being like 3x as big as it normally was.. Haha I look back at it now and laugh but when it happened I definitely wasn't laughing. :smoke:
  19. Has to be when i base jumped off the the moon.
    For real though it was when i took probably 5 hits of a sour diesel blunt, was one of the earlier days and i borderline greened out but i held it together
  20. Currently 14? Dude this forums 18+. Oh well just don't let the mods see... Oh wait to late.

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