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  1. Last night I went to a wake... I know that sounds like a strange place to be getting high but in Jamaica wakes are like celebrations of the deceased persons life! Anyway there was literally at least 1000 people there. As soon as I got there I smelled that familiar smell of marijuana burning! I followed my nose just like tocan Sam which led me to a van with a couple guys smoking spliffs that were selling red stripe beer so I asked them for a puff off their spliff and the handed me three spliffs worth of bud! I then asked ygr hit to roll it for me, and he did. I smoked the entire spliff to myself which if I were to guess probably weighed at least 3 grams! I literally passed out 10 minutes later! I will try to post a picture of one of the nugs later!

    Peace from Jamaica!
  2. Bump!!

  3. .......................... you get no respect for not being able to roll a joint
  4. that's sweet. I want to see the bud!!

  5. I have a sweet macro of it on my computer and want to upload it but we have no wifi where I'm at so I can't yet but I will try to have the picture up tomorrow! Also it turns out the bud was chronic! I can roll my own joints too I didn't have to have him do it for me I just wanted to are how rastas roll!
  6. I would have let them roll it as well, not because i cant roll, but because i bet there is nothing like an authentic jamacian spliff. I woulda gotten a few stripes off them as well, love red stripe haha.

  7. U was thinking that same thing that's why I let him roll it! I did get a few red stripes from them too I also love me some red stripe!
  8. haha nice dude.....3 joints musta got you maaaaaad high:smoking:

    Heres that sweet ass macro i promised about a week ago.

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