The hidden things in Kung Pow

Discussion in 'General' started by JaneInMyBrain, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. Saturday i was real fucked up on DXM vikaden weed and a little buzzed from some alchy, when i noticed that there are lots of things hidden in the movie Kung Pow has ne one else ever noticed this?
  2. such as?........Peace out........Sid
  3. hidden things like what? only thing off the top of my head is the whale that falls in the waterfall.
  4. Yeah... what things? or, what do you mean by hidden?...
  5. i'm watchin kung pow right now. whatdyaknow. ROFL at the chosen one getting torn up by betty's claw right after the cow fight. hilarious how he's gettin whooped and screamin. i love how the old guy gets knocked way down with one hit from betty as he claws the chosen one.
    man. i wonder what people would think like back in 1920 or 1890 or somethin if i could go back with a 57" widescreen hdtv and played on dvd that cow scene for them like "this is what cows of the future are like!" or played the matrix or somethin like "it's real, this is how the future is" heheh
  6. Yah that would be great. lol. Well did you see ne of the things i was talkin about?

    Oh and i love the part where he eats the moth! LMAO
  7. theres nothing hidden in that movie, you just notice new things each itme u whatch it, and the whale aind hidden cos of what h sez

    "I'm falling, your falling, we're faaaalling WHALE"


    or the titanic at the bottem of the falls, its all there, u just dont always notice, not hidden
  8. Well i was pretty messed up so i dont remember alot. I just remember it was me my friend jenny and some guy. And the guy had seen it lots of times and we were pointin out all this stuff and he was like wow. Like in a few parts there is a lil alien type guy dancin on the bottom of the screen. Then i cant really remember what it was like a desk or office or suttin but the bottom of it was actually a giant nintendo controller. Then right after the whale falls when it zooms in on the waterfall it flashes like a quick pattern of top halves of a bunch of dolphins. But its just the outlining its hard to explain.

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