the hidden powers of our brains. part 1

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Digit, Jun 13, 2003.


subconscious telepathy?

  1. yes.

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  2. ? an answer somewhere between an absolute yes and an absolute no.

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  3. no.

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  1. are we all subconsiously telepathic?

  2. nix, no way.
  3. wow.

    i wouldnt have expected that responce from you zy.

    i dont think its that an extreme possibility. what else would that third eye be for? what about the evidence that shows our brains function right down to the little quantum mechanics stuff...
  4. Can you give some info? I think i know what it means generally, but I'm not sure.

  5. Everything is interconnected with everything else. The Universe is a gigantic, multi dimensional web of telepathy. Unconscious of this gigantic noise of information, we are protected from drowning in an ocean of confusions, but these billions pieces of information are present in our subconscious, and we can access them. We just have to focus our sensibility, to perceive, to use in a practical manner this natural faculty. We so obtain a direct contact with reality, with an inexhaustive source of inspiration. Telepathy is sensation, perception, receives and sends images.

    To imagine is the secret of the subconsious telepathy: imaginin, we begin to feel, to perceive, to feel what the other person is feeling. It is easy, everybody does this, just they are not aware of the power hidden there. If we do not give attention to a power, it remains unconscious and useless.
  6. I'm skeptical of telepathy, but I recently saw the results of this study. They gave some people a crossword puzzle to do every day and compared it with how the rest of the country did. It was like the NY Times or something. After a couple weeks, they switched the crosswords so the people were doing the one that the rest of the country did the day before. All of the sudden the people were doing much better on the crossword puzzles. It kinda leads toward a kind of unconcious telepathy. As skeptical as I am about telepathy, I just can't ignore something like that. It doesn't prove conciouse level telepathy, but shows an unconcious link between people.
  7. there is absolutely no evidence of telepatic or telekinesis abilities in *any* humans. and the ability is not present either.

    let me explain...

    the human brain works on micro-watts. there is no power to extend those thoughts or whatever like a 1Kw radio can. so eventho' the human brain does work on electricity, it does not broadcast.

    and as for the human brain working on quantum levels, well, no. the brain works on a cellular level, and that is millions of atoms big.


    shall i comment on telekinesis in this thread? [bogus load of shit]

    damn :D
  8. ???

    to deny that the human brain opperates on some level with quantum mechanics is to deny quantum mechanics entirely.

    quantum mechanics does not stop doing its thing on the inside of our skulls. if its true of the universe then its true of all that exist in the universe... our heads do not exist outside the universe.

    i'm curious as to what you wrote in the telekenisis one now...
  9. also...

    i suppose you think CAT scans are hocus pocus since apparantly brains only work on a celular level and seem to avoid all the science at smaller levels. but... then... how do these cells work? are these special cells? hehe
  10. I've seen telepathy/clairvoyance in action several times, and have had experiences myself.

    *stoned thought: What if the explanation is that time supposedly is what keeps everything from happening all at once, but what if everything DOES happen all at once and what we know and express as time is a psychological reaction to the reality that we cannot comprehend because it would "overload" us. (if that makes sense you're more stoned than i am)
  11. i'm not stoned at all and it makes perfect sence.

    its a concept i've heard many times in various conversations and discussions about "time is an abstract concept"

    that gets somewhat more confusing when you try to apply it to space-time as the singular concept... but then, the confusion only goes to back up the theory. if we could understand it then it would be wrong.
  12. I understood it and I am pretty stoned. That's something else to think about.

    And digit is right with saying if you deny quantum mechanics in the brain then you deny quantum mechanics all together. You can't make exceptions for no apparent reason. I'm not usually one to fight on the side of extra mental abilities but the whole crossword thing definitly points to a collective unconcious of some sort.
  13. so many thoughts. let's start with quantum mech. all atoms function due to q.m. as does all matter and energy. our brain is matter, powered by, well, energy. electrical. that does not mean that living cells (neurons in this case) are *directly* impacted by the fluctuations on a q.m. level. let me do an analogy:

    computer CPUs are made primarily from silicon. silicon is made of atoms, and atoms of various bits and pieces (neutrons, electrons protons) which in turn are made of superstrings, which is the primary theory of q.m. at least.

    now even though the superstrings are changing state, the basic building blocks ot the atom does not get unstable as a result. and neither does the atom or the silicon in the chip.

    and the sillicon atoms are themself the building blocks of the transistors that do the computing. and these are even more stable. next is the cpus "thinking" which are controlled by electrical signals. this flow of signal, thrugh the cpu, decides, through soft and hardwiring, or energy pipelines if you wish, the resulting energy flow out the other end of the cpu system.

    this is analog to the brain. superstring, atom building material, atom, molecule, structure of material (neuron-cell), and energy passing through it in soft and hardwired energy pipelines.

    and due to the low current our brain uses, no transmission of energy occurs in all but extremely low range. thus negating telepathy in any form. the same argument goes for telekinesis. besides there is no influence between thought processes and detached* objects.

    * ie outside of body. the brain is connected to all our body through nerves, and is thus in control of it. since no nerves actuall extend beyond our body, the brain is not in control of it. ipso facto ipso.

    edit: and of course i don't think computer aided tomography is hokus pokus. ive been under them myself. and i know exactly how they work. by measuring the bodys resistace of two focused energy beams they get a 2d cross-section of the body. by combining several 2d sections, they can combine it to very vivid 3d pictures. fascinating stuff :)

  14. Does your claim include future generations of humans. It could be that right now our brain waves are too low to be detectable remotly, but why isn't it something we can develop.

    I'm not suggestings implants although they will allow remote communication eventually one would think.
  15. When i was a kid I built this headband with foil contacts and leads that i would hook up to my oscilliscope, frequency counter, multimeter, and i would try to use my mind to influence them. I would sit still and take notes of frequency, amplitude, etc of the waveforms, verified by the frequency counter on an independent electrode. What i would try to do is influence the waveform on the CRT and change it's aspect ratio with only thought. I've found that with a lot of practice i could get the frequency and the waveform to simultaneously change at will.
  16. ^

    i have seen quantum mechanics experiments (the two left gloves analogy for one example) that contradict what you say about quantum mechanics to some extent zy.

    there is, quite interestingly, an link, an influence if you will, between particles great distances appart.

    when you say "that does not mean that living cells (neurons in this case) are *directly* impacted by the fluctuations on a q.m. level." and the following vague analogy... what exactly were you trying to explain? you kinda lost me. are you saying that quantum mechanics and superstring theory may as well not exist because they hold no bearing on any outcome at higher levels?? thats kinda what i got from what you were saying.

    There is a far greater pool of evidence out there for untapped abilities or extra sensory awareness, than there is for aliens being regular visitors to earth.

    one of my favorite and most memorable experiemnts were the 1 way mirror queue test.
    at a queue for a cinema there was a long one way mirror where those in the queue could only see their reflection. behind the mirror were over 20 people who were all asked to stare and focus on the back of a selected person's head. this was done several times, and overwhelmingly (over 90% of the time if memory serves) the person who was the focus of their attention became agitated, "paranoid" and more times than not, they left the cinema. When outside they were stopped and asked qustions and told of the experiment. Those that were asked said they had intense feelings that they were being watched.
  17. And also, our brains don't necessarily have to "broadcast" to be tied into some sort of collective unconcious that science doesn't know how to observe let alone explain.
  18. totally.

    science may be the pinaccle of human knowledge, but it is always behind the reality it tries to understand.
  19. Here's an article on quantum communications that may interest some.

  20. i know about the "linkage" between quantum entities at a distance. quantum induced photons can be split and pulled apart at great distance. any change of the one part will instantly affect the other part. thus making possible faster than light communications for example.

    also, since getting into this thread, i've brushed up on my q.m. knowledge, and some interesting new ideas have cropped up since i last did some serious reading on this.

    so eventhough i don't buy the telepathy / kinesis stuff, q.m. at the very least gives the opportunity of multiple universes like some people (i won't mention names :D ) advocat here at the city. well, it's one out of three possibilities regarding the "beginning" of the (this) universe. the two others don't negate multi-universes, but don't need them to function either.

    bit off topic, but hey :)

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