The heaviest yielder plant on the galaxy!!

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  1. I don't need simple high yielding plant.

    I want the THE plant with the biggest buds, because i want only one or two plant.
    I want the biggest producer on the world, with the fattest colas!!!!

    Which plant produce the heaviest yield?

    Please share with me your experiencs, and informations, and images.
    What's the best plant and a reliable seed bank, or your personal crosses?

    I searched for big yielders, and i found some good plant.

    BUT which is the best?
    I think i want use lst or/and scrog -> so important hugest central bud?

    I think, the arjan's thai-tanic is very hard but not available.

    super silver haze (greenhouse or mr. nice or reeferman is the better??)

    Green giant(Spice brothers or Brothers Grimm is the better?)

    SSHXC99 (seed bank???????)

    Pot Of Gold (Flying Dutchmen)

    giant cindy (Spice Brothers)

    billbo's unknow "budzilla" plant (whats this plant name?????)

    Danky.dankee. Doodle (K.C. Brains)

    arjans ultra haze - greenhouse

    Ak99 (joey weed seeds) -SoQuicks plant

    Big Foot (Subcool TGA) - krusty's plant


    William's Wonder (Super Sativa Seed Club (SSSC) or reeferman?)

    white rhino - greenhouse

    Nigerian_NightMare (reeferman)

    arjans ultra haze - greenhouse

    K.C. 42 (K.C. Brains)

    Full moon (sativa seedbank)

    himalaya gold (greenhouse)

    Williams Mango (reeferman)

    Thanks everythig, and sorry my shit english.
  2. from what i understand commercial growers in canada use big bud crossed with a variety of strains for high yields

    also m39 would be a good srtain,

  3. Northern Lights is a high yielding indica. Indicas tend to yield more.
  4. also consider big bud
  5. If my memory serves me right those pics (which are insane btw) are of AK99 from back in 04-05. AK99 is a cross between Cinderella99 and AK47. Looks good and your buds are bigger when grown that way with the aeroponics.
  6. what about that heavy duty fruity its commercial but has good genetics?
  7. Chronic looks like a big producing strain.
  8. I agree with generalhaze M-39 is a very high yielder but most seed banks don't sell it as m-39 they call it shiva skunk, its a canadian commercial strain, NL#5 X SK#1 try sensei seeds or the dr
  9. My buddy just got 17 oz. off of 2 Hogs. He got the seeds in Canada, but I don't know where.
  10. wth? 8,5 oz a plant?
  11. I think white widow and AK47 both are fairly good producers, and they are some of the best strains in the world.

  12. Yup. Some of them are AK99. Click the photo, then save it. The file name gives away the secret.

    Good to know. Thats insane. Too bad we dont know the grow method, or the other fine details.
  13. Pot of Gold is a great yielder as is Chronic. Probably the biggest buds I've ever seen were Sweet Tooth but I can't remember which version.
  14. AK-47 is little on the LARGE side. if you want max yields per square foot, look for the smallest plants. they not only cram the most bud possible into the smallest space, but they have much faster turnarounds to boot.

    in the time you could grow two AK-47 harvests (53-60 days each), you could grow (for example only) you could grow (42-49 days) nearly THREE harvests of northern lights!

    you really also need to read up on supercropping techniques.

    sadly, you, like so many other growers have exactly the wrong priorities. instead of QUANTITY, you should grow for QUALITY which hardly anyone does. slow growing sativas totally quick cash crapper indicas ass!
  15. I would use big bud from nirvana seeds.

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