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    Hey everyone, i figure it would benefit us all if we opened up a discussion thread to go along with the "Heady/High-End PICTURE thread"...

    I see this thread being used to express ideas for better guidelines on the picture thread, it can be used to talk about new glass that might be coming up, what tubes everyone likes, etc etc etc.... basically to keep any heady/high end conflict out of the picture thread....

    to start off

    So, are clear tubes like itza/toro/sg/SGW, allowed in the heady/high end thread, understanding that these tubes are not heady due to lack of work in my opinion but very very high-end tubes, with not a lot of art, but a hell of a lot of innovation and engineering practice.....

    Diamond Rasta if you are not ok with this thread, i have no problem with it being deleted, if you want to make a discussion thread with a certain set of guidelines, i think it would benefit the picture thread and everyone else....
  2. now this is up my alley. this is where i will be posting.

    i think clear tubes by artists like luke/itza/sgw are real innovative, i mean, i love seeing unique types of percs and downstems regardless of if they're worked. its still original.
  3. thats how i feel, a lot of thse artists, set up prototypes, new types of trees, new types of diffusion... its a lot of engineering, with airflow, size of holes... it takes a lot of time and experimentation to figure out what works best with what... and these guys have pefected it, and their worked shit is even more insane...

  4. most def, i especially love when guys like lear and sasha post their own work in the glass thread, haha. making it >>> buying it.

    i wish more glassblowers kept a thread here.
  5. i do too, but alas, there are specifically glass sites, this is more weed oriented site with a glass sub-section... but yes it would be very cool, especially to have trikky back on here AS A BLOWER....

  6. yeah im not really worried about it, i understand why those guys would wanna be there instead of here
  7. no love for gc then?
  8. i love grasscity man, its just stoners paradise not a blowers, lol....
  9. idk, lear and sasha get plenty of praise/comments and shit. some dudes are too cool for GC i guess.
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    SGW has a thread on here too,,
    trikky just up and left too,, so idk
    i enjoi my time on here more often than not..

    on a side note, what does a 23 inch 8/8 MGW straight tube unworked classify as?
    same class as phx? or?

    i also think that its the overall appreciation for hte hard work that goes into these tubes
    like NC posted earlier, about original innovation.
    how do we show love for such tubes?
    right now, the only places would be to make your own thread or teh family pic thread. correct?
  11. a lot of praise and commments, but do you think if a blower is trying to make money with all this hard work, they gonna setup shop where they get a lot of compliments and no sales, or where people know what designs they put into the glass, what colors were used, get more compliments on other sites PLUS the big part, SALES... sure they get some customers here, but i would say the majority of the people lookin for their glass are on glass-strict sites...

    i would love for blowers to post their beatiful glass, but theres literally like 6 sites that cater to the high-end/heady glass game and nothing else so... its just time consuming, and not very beneficial... although its great advertising, this site is how i found out about sasha hess, and first learned about glass...

    but it is a business and if their not thriving somewhere then they gotta go...
  12. Hey 123ROOR! When are we going to see that flame polished beaker not filled with soap? It looks great, lets see you hit it! :D
  13. i know right shatrrwulf, bitch has had grunge off in it for the past month...
  14. Should we have a thread to post our high end clear tubes?:p:smoke:
  15. i think we need a thread with mid and high end clear
    pure/blackleaf/magic glass/gspot/w*s are lower end.
    lux/phire/phx are mid
  16. I'm going to have to slightly agree. However, I'd throw phire and phx into the lower end of tubes as well as adding MGW and SYN into the mid-range category. "High end" tubes should truly be the porches of the glass world (SG, Toro, SGW, Luke Wilson, etc.).
  17. yea i think phx can stay in the mid range but phire definitely into the low-range, also agree with mgw and syn being mid-range outside of syns recent worked tubes with showerheads, and circs.. their work lately has been top notch quality
  18. worked tubes are able to go into the heady thread i mentioned.
    have you seen worked phx's?
  19. i dont believe scientists are also artists so no... but they are a mid range company i think... not a low end
  20. This might sound like a ridiculous idea...

    But is there any way to sort of, limit the access to the high end thread?

    Like for instance, perhaps mods can set it up so that, in order to be able to post in the thread, you must have viewed the thread at least "x" number of times.

    I think this would dramatically reduce the complications. The question is...Could this possibly be set up?

    Idk, I thought it was an interesting idea...

    If you guys want to go even further with it, we could set up a questionnaire when one gains access to the thread such as:

    Which of the following is allowed to be posted in this thread:

    And then it would have like a Toro vs. a Weedstar, and you need to pick the toro, or something...

    Idk again, just brainstorming.

    So what do you think?

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