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Discussion in 'General' started by Zyphus, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. This needs to be done, marijuana and musicians are quite fond of one another :D

    Post anything, from pictures of your gear to simple discussion. Even videos of stuff your working on. Keep the hate down to a zero, even if your not into someone elses style or playing, give them respect for what there doing. This thread can include bass aswell.

    Zyphus :wave:
  2. I'm pretty sure there are a few of these in the Music Hall already. Good idea, though! If you can't find one there, close this and repost it there. It will get far more attention.

  3. I can't seem to find a solid "guitar" thread there. I figure it would get more attention in general, no?
  4. I haven't seen a thread like this yet, excellent idea! I'll frequent this one. I have been playing for a few years now and own several guitars. I'll try to post pics of them later :smoking:
  5. So what are you guys playing?

    I've got a Jackson DKMGT Dinky w/ EMG-Hz pickups playing through a Line 6 Spider II. I also JUST got an acoustic! I fuckin love it. It's just a cheapy Ariana tho, but it still sounds awesome.
  6. Good idea, I don't think I've seen a thread just dedicated to guitars overall.

    Anyways, a little about my guitar playing. All I own is a nice simple Fender acoustic, and a crappy WalMart variety (Don't lynch me yet, its simply borrowed from a friend so I can get used to playing an electric). I've only been playing since November last year, and I really wanna go buy that awesome looking Gibson Les Paul thats sitting in my local music shop.

    Yeah so, hooray for the Guitar Thread!
  7. Righeous thread idea. Although this has indeed been done before in Music Hall, but still it's cool, mang! Been playing 6 years, Metal up your arse!!! Don't have shit for a digi cam, but I'll try to put pics up in the future.

    I've got 3 guitars. Started on a Yamaha EG 112 Electric that was bought for me out of a Fingerhut catalog. It's really not that bad of a guitar, to be honest. Played on that sumbitch for a good 4 of the 6 years.

    Second, a Squire Telecaster I bought off a friend for $100. I can't say I honestly like it all that much, but It's okay whenever I'm in the mood.

    Third, and my favorite is my Dean Dimebag Darrell Tribute. Only has 22 frets and no whammy :( , so it's far from a real Dimebag tribute in my eyes. It's still awesome to play though.

    I have a Fender FM65 DSP amplifer, got a couple nice effects. And to top it off is my Boss GT-6 Effects Processor. It's a nice rig if you ask me.

    Peace out, and Rock out!

    P.S. to NotBakedEnough- I can't say I would agree with you going out to buy that Gibson Les Paul just yet. Considering you've been playing only 2/3 a year, I'd say go with a cheaper priced electric. I see so many new guitarists go out and buy these expensive-ass guitars and don't even stick with it. I'm not saying that you wont because you've lasted for about 10 months so far, but it's still possible. I've seen people give up at about the 2 year range. Not trying to discourage you from getting "YOUR" guitar, but that would be sad to see all that bud money blown.
  8. I'm lookin to get some different tones, cause my guitar and amp are really metalish. That's not a bad thing, but when I wanna play a diff style of music then thats where I'd like to get some kinda change goin on.

    I have a Digitech DF-7 distortion pedal, some fuckin crazy distortions on that. And then I have a Dunlop Cry-Baby wah pedal which I rarely use. I have different settings on my amp (clean, crunch, metal, insane) and 6 different effects but its just not giving me what I want. Geetardude, how's that Boss? What about a POD 2.0?
  9. The Boss is great, but if you're wanting get one go for the GT-8. more options. In my personal opinion/experience, I won't mess with PODs. They're good, don't get me wrong, but you won't get them to their full potential unless you're doing stage shows. That's where they really expand.
  10. As of now, I'm playing a 1965 ES-345. I play mostly Blues, Blues Rock. A little funky stuff too, 60s bay area type. I'll try to get some pictures up for you fellaz :D
  11. Alright, just for ya'll, im gonna post up my experimental/stoner/jazz/blues/rock/funk/what the fuck's band new song sometime today or tomorrow. It will probably be pre production and without vocals, but its cool:D

    we're a two piece, just me and my friend, we switch off doing guitar, vocals, drums, bass, keyboards, sampling, etc. for every song. Ultimate freedom, really. We've been writing for like 5 years, but we decided to get our shit together ad make a home studio. Sounds really ncie actually and I need some feedback anyways... keep watching this thread eh?:):)
  12. Yeah geetar dude, I know what you're saying. I'm not jumping into getting it just yet, but I've had my eye on it for a while. I'm really into the Les Paul design though, so later on when I have enough cash saved up I'm gonna invest in that beauty. I also do have an electric at the moment, but its pretty much trash (It can't hold a damn tune, it has to be retuned everytime its used, even if I just feel like messing around and playing some tabs).

    Also I'm definatley gonna stick with it, this is the only instrument I've ever wanted to play everyday, and all day.
  13. Awesome i dea for a thread!! lol i haven't seen a solid guitar thread either....

    I don't really play the guitar, im a bass man, i love it...i've only been playing for about a year and some not sure of the year but its an OOLLLDDD Kramer Pioneer series back from early 70's late 60's i believe (Passed down from my dad)

    I also have a Fender Squire Stratocaster that i rarely play.......

    I haven't come up with much of my own stuff just yet, but when i do i'll be sure to post up my buddies and my songs (We have a mini-band goin, 2 guitarists and me)

    I also sing, but have yet to right any songs, just doin covers right now.......

    I'll get pics of my shit up as soon as i can.....

    I also find alot of guitarists (at least around me) like to longboard, anyone on here like to just go around cruisin??
  14. I currently play a Fender 72 custom tele. Has a bridge humbucker and a single coil neck pickup. Good for that smooth humbucker and that twang. I have a Peavey classic 50. It's a 50 watt tube amp with two 12s. Lately I've been playing through my GNX4 with headphones on. The GNX4 is a decent signal processor. It records and has drum tracks - does some effects really well and others, just ok.
  15. Enemy,

    Diggin' that Tele man...

    Try running that through a VOX, sounds purrrfect. Tele through an AC15 twin, unmistakable tone.
  16. this thread is awesome. i have a black gibson sg special (black pickguard too) year like...2002 or something. if you're bored, record yourself rockin out and upload...could prove as an interesting activity while high, to record and to listen to others.
  17. This thread needs some pictures, i'll try to get mine up tomarrow.
  18. So what kind of music does everone like to play?

    I'm a 60s-70s kinda guy. I play a ton of Beatles stuff (or attempt to)
  19. I like to change up my genre. I'll go from death metal (Lamb of God, All Shall Perish) to ska type stuff (sublime, catch 22, slightly stoopid) to classic rock 9zeppelin, pink floyd, and the doors) to punk (anti-flag, flogging molly, dropkick murphys) Im really all around lol

    Sometimes ill play some bob marley on the guitar too lol

    Right now im mostly doing lamb of god covers and some dropkick murphys
  20. I'm mostly into the mid-late 60's stuff. Alot of Blues aswell, Mike Bloomfield, Magic Sam, Peter Green.

    The mid sixites bay area stuff really gets to me, Airplane, Big Brother, that sort of stuff. Not to big on the dead however. I'll probably get more experimental with my new rig, whenever it seems to get into my hands.

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