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The Growth Within

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by The Gorn, Dec 16, 2017.

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    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
    Actually this might qualify for that scrap weed pile Brass alluded to.
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  2. The current swirl.
    IMG_20180901_154930.jpg IMG_20180901_154938.jpg IMG_20180901_154947.jpg IMG_20180901_155001.jpg IMG_20180901_155017.jpg IMG_20180901_155025.jpg
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  3. IMG_20180907_141941.jpg
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  4. IMG_20180913_100614.jpg IMG_20180913_100627.jpg IMG_20180913_100634.jpg IMG_20180913_100711.jpg IMG_20180913_100716.jpg
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  5. Having a make over on the house unfortunately entails a lot of stomping around in my garden.
    IMG_20180917_100759.jpg IMG_20180917_100813.jpg IMG_20180917_100821.jpg IMG_20180917_100847.jpg IMG_20180917_100907.jpg IMG_20180917_100920.jpg IMG_20180917_100959.jpg IMG_20180917_101010.jpg IMG_20180917_101015.jpg IMG_20180917_101043.jpg IMG_20180917_101119.jpg
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  6. The odd squad; seven castaways who've found their Shangri La IMG_20180919_073939.jpg IMG_20180919_073954.jpg IMG_20180919_074006.jpg
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  7. IMG_20180907_141941.jpg
    The way I see the world.
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  8. What a gorgeous way to see the world :inlove:

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