The Growth Within

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    Actually this might qualify for that scrap weed pile Brass alluded to.
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  2. The current swirl.
    IMG_20180901_154930.jpg IMG_20180901_154938.jpg IMG_20180901_154947.jpg IMG_20180901_155001.jpg IMG_20180901_155017.jpg IMG_20180901_155025.jpg
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  3. IMG_20180907_141941.jpg
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  4. IMG_20180913_100614.jpg IMG_20180913_100627.jpg IMG_20180913_100634.jpg IMG_20180913_100711.jpg IMG_20180913_100716.jpg
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  5. Having a make over on the house unfortunately entails a lot of stomping around in my garden.
    IMG_20180917_100759.jpg IMG_20180917_100813.jpg IMG_20180917_100821.jpg IMG_20180917_100847.jpg IMG_20180917_100907.jpg IMG_20180917_100920.jpg IMG_20180917_100959.jpg IMG_20180917_101010.jpg IMG_20180917_101015.jpg IMG_20180917_101043.jpg IMG_20180917_101119.jpg
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  6. The odd squad; seven castaways who've found their Shangri La IMG_20180919_073939.jpg IMG_20180919_073954.jpg IMG_20180919_074006.jpg
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  7. IMG_20180907_141941.jpg
    The way I see the world.
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  8. What a gorgeous way to see the world :inlove:
  9. Hastily sketched with details selective
    a quick draw Quixote from the windmill's perspective
  10. This is Ground Control to Major Tom
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  11. With a bit of creative shelving the small greenhouse is handling nearly all of the dainties while big one is already accommodating the more expansive efforts. A bit ahead of any cold snap here but everything seems to love the more humid environment so far. This leaves a pretty colorless display for the front yard with only the native greenery that I've tried to containerize to plan for reassignment to other spots in the yard come Spring. Standing sentinel on the sunny side of the large one are my pair of raspberries flanking a blackberry that is exploding with vines but as yet no buds.
    IMG_20181019_084543.jpg IMG_20181019_084554.jpg IMG_20181019_084605.jpg IMG_20181019_084614.jpg IMG_20181019_084627.jpg IMG_20181019_084637.jpg IMG_20181019_084643.jpg IMG_20181019_084656.jpg IMG_20181019_084720.jpg IMG_20181019_084724.jpg IMG_20181019_084727.jpg IMG_20181019_084731.jpg IMG_20181019_084820.jpg
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  12. The prospect of several more months before the true cold hits here while all my dainties languish in the greenhouses proved too bland for the bold new paint job on the house. And so, a wave of fresh Fall suited pansies and dwarf snapdragons along with a store bought infusion of monkey grass all for under $30 and enough to occupy my entire afternoon off getting re-potted.
    IMG_20181029_115552.jpg IMG_20181029_115601.jpg IMG_20181029_115621.jpg IMG_20181029_115635.jpg IMG_20181029_115647.jpg IMG_20181029_115708.jpg
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  13. I cloned the tops off the remaining Tomato plants so we'll see how that turns out. Time to start more winter veggies. Carrots and beets do well so more of them and a few pots of Radishes to get done..
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