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The Growth Within

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by The Gorn, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. Frustration over not being able to work my true passion (and redemption) outdoors, I found unexpected peace and blissful distraction by applying myself to ornamental and flowering shrubbery to brighten the yard. An unwillingness to let go of fading stars and a desire to approach next year with a roar motivated my purchase of a large walk in greenhouse which proved insufficient to accommodate all. An additional hoop house built with PVC still wasn't enough but a remarkably spacious hexagonal unit managed to fill the bill. Compulsion for symmetry which I realize is a stressful part of my nature isn't really much of a priority in the mechanics of life; sadly I still attempt to arrange efforts to at least balance like with like.
    IMG_20171214_153425.jpg IMG_20171214_153432.jpg IMG_20171214_153439.jpg IMG_20171214_153446.jpg IMG_20171214_153454.jpg IMG_20171214_153502.jpg IMG_20171214_153508.jpg IMG_20171125_094839.jpg IMG_20171125_094851.jpg IMG_20171213_133016.jpg
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  2. Warming days IMG_20180307_093739.jpg IMG_20180307_093749.jpg IMG_20180307_093804.jpg IMG_20180307_093825.jpg IMG_20180307_093851.jpg
  3. A little more color.
    IMG_20180317_122247.jpg IMG_20180317_122304.jpg IMG_20180317_122327.jpg IMG_20180317_122339.jpg IMG_20180317_122348.jpg

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