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The Growth Within

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by The Gorn, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. Frustration over not being able to work my true passion (and redemption) outdoors, I found unexpected peace and blissful distraction by applying myself to ornamental and flowering shrubbery to brighten the yard. An unwillingness to let go of fading stars and a desire to approach next year with a roar motivated my purchase of a large walk in greenhouse which proved insufficient to accommodate all. An additional hoop house built with PVC still wasn't enough but a remarkably spacious hexagonal unit managed to fill the bill. Compulsion for symmetry which I realize is a stressful part of my nature isn't really much of a priority in the mechanics of life; sadly I still attempt to arrange efforts to at least balance like with like.
    IMG_20171214_153425.jpg IMG_20171214_153432.jpg IMG_20171214_153439.jpg IMG_20171214_153446.jpg IMG_20171214_153454.jpg IMG_20171214_153502.jpg IMG_20171214_153508.jpg IMG_20171125_094839.jpg IMG_20171125_094851.jpg IMG_20171213_133016.jpg
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  2. Warming days IMG_20180307_093739.jpg IMG_20180307_093749.jpg IMG_20180307_093804.jpg IMG_20180307_093825.jpg IMG_20180307_093851.jpg
  3. A little more color.
    IMG_20180317_122247.jpg IMG_20180317_122304.jpg IMG_20180317_122327.jpg IMG_20180317_122339.jpg IMG_20180317_122348.jpg
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  4. Warming days are slowly drawing me out of my Winter shell.
    IMG_20180322_184719.jpg IMG_20180322_184625.jpg IMG_20180322_184659.jpg
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  5. #6 The Gorn, Mar 26, 2018
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    IMG_20180326_155152.jpg IMG_20180326_155208.jpg IMG_20180326_155225.jpg IMG_20180326_155236.jpg IMG_20180326_155246.jpg IMG_20180326_155304.jpg
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  6. Nice flowers! Are you growing anything to eat?
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  7. Goji, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry are more for entertainment than harvest for a season or two. Several tomatoes should bear fruit this year though.
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  8. alright i think i may have found heaven! awesome man gotta say but i think if it were me id use different containers even for your small ones. Granted you have ALOT! again i love it thoough. plus youre obviously not me cuz i only have a few for this season but that's neither here nor there. ill be followin. where r u located geographically btw?
  9. p.s im am really considering a small greenhouse style tent like this. killer use of space too which is what I NEED!
  10. Curious color shift from one of the pansies; yellow accent has become the dominant hue on the latest flowering from one of my dark blues. IMG_20180427_191154.jpg IMG_20180427_191050.jpg IMG_20180427_191112.jpg IMG_20180427_191125.jpg IMG_20180427_191142.jpg IMG_20180427_191212.jpg IMG_20180427_191226.jpg
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  11. Didn't intend to overlook your question - Alabama. My particular frustration in working outdoors is the limited full Sun offered in my yard; part of what motivates the continual reconfiguration of efforts to spread the benefits. Hard clay based soil makes putting things in ground much more work than I honestly have in me most days. The whole ordeal here began to Winter my wife's seed grown lemon trees that brought unintended pest inside with them a few years back. The larger hoop style greenhouse in back was only $29 and the hexagonal model in front about $34; I like that the smaller one has shelving that really maximizes space but that my yard isn't level and it gives the appearance of leaning drives my OCD up the wall. The OCD is the other motivator in the displays of varied shapes and shades.
    quiet time.jpg
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  12. Dig, dig, dig (sweat, sweat, sweat).
    IMG_20180428_175039.jpg IMG_20180428_165103.jpg IMG_20180428_165116.jpg IMG_20180428_165149.jpg IMG_20180428_165205.jpg IMG_20180428_165218.jpg IMG_20180428_165229.jpg IMG_20180428_165240.jpg IMG_20180428_165313.jpg
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