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    Hi everybody,
    First, i'm new to this forum so i hope ill be able to get the answer i need :p
    I'm an everyday smoker like much of us and its been now more than a years that i thinks of having my own weed plant. I work in mecanic and electric maintenance so im familliar with detail plan and i like the work well done so i start to look  what i will need and how can i built it a grow box to get the best result and quality
    I have a big wardrobe that make a complet wall of my room . I have the space to put a box that make about 50 '' x 50 '' high x 22 '' deep . I start to look if i can fingd something similar on forums and sites.   i found this one that was prety much the good size. I thinks his box look really well made , so i decide to make about the same .
    Here's what i think i will need:
    400 watts hps
    400 watts mh
    the balast
    a reflector
    some Fan  - was thinking of 3-4 120 mm computer fan
    an 6 '' inline duct booster
    pots ,nutrients
    carbon filter  6'' by like 8-10 ''
    Its about that , i watch for light system and weed seed near my town  ( i live near Montréal ,Qc) and i found a place that sell Cropking seed  from . I buy those
    And i found a complet kit for 400W hps /mh :
    Now heres my problems :
    i want to know, do i need to make 2 different space for  veg and flo.
    would it be really more productive if it have 2 room
    for now i have one socket so i can only  put my hps/mh lamps  just in one side .
    will i have enough space if the box make near 50 inch width seperate in two so 25 '' by 20'' deep by 48 '' high for the flowering room and about the same the other side for veg
    or can i built just one room and alterne veg and flo for one or two Big plant.
    and what do you think about the ventillation in the exemple that i show before he seem to put holes (8 in flower room-4 in veg ) in the bootom of the box and have 2 120 mm fan pulling air out of flower room and one inline duct booster pulling air out of veg  :
    Im listening to your Ideas  thanks you :p


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