The Grilling Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by Sour Kush, May 13, 2010.

  1. :wave:I've got 36 chicken legs/wings on the grill right now, gonna make a shit load of Hot Wings, a few pork chops and some cheeseburgers.

    Everyone share your love for grilling and/or grilled foods.
  2. Now that I'm back home I'm gonna have to break out the BBQ. Goddamn I love grilling. It's relaxing as fuck and you get to eat some damn good food.

    I usually make a ton of brats, burgers, pork steaks, and sometimes I'll throw some fish on the grill.

    Fuck, I'm hungry as hell now...
  3. i just started grilling about 2 weeks ago. lol. I love it.
    Call over the boys and grub every Saturday or Sunday.
  4. Everything is better on the grill, but grilled veggies are my favorite
  5. i love me some grilled chicken
  6. You know, I love grilling and I love making buffalo wings but I've never thought to grill my wings LOL! I have to try that real soon.
  7. Dude. Salmon grilled over some oak coals. Ahh yeah!
  8. ^ Try grilling salmon on a cedar plank that's been soaking. Mmmm Mmm Mm. :yummy:
  9. Amen. I did this for the first time a month or two go after marinating the Salmon for about a day and oh my god.

    I wanted to make sweet love to a living, breathing, swimming fish afterwords. I would have thoroughly enjoyed it, too.

  10. I love grilling Prawns, also whole corn cobs, the flavour is awsome. My mates and I all enjoy a BBQ atleast once or twice a month.

    First person to say "shrimp" and "barbie" in the same sentence gets a can of Beer thrown at them :p

  11. A can of Fosters? :laughing:
  12. Sure, throwing them is about all they're good for.

    If you'd like to try some of Australia's better beers ask around for Coopers. Australia's Finest ;)
  13. Carp on a plank


    1 whole carp
    seasonings to taste
    1 cup lemon juice
    1 plank

    Soak plank in water and lemon juice until saturated
    Season plank liberally
    Lay whole carp on plank and sprinkle seasonings on top
    Wrap plank with carp in foil and lay directly on white hot coals
    Bake/roast for 45 minutes, then flip and lay carp side down for 10 more minutes
    Remove from coals, unwrap foil carefully and let stand for 5 minutes
    Discard carp and eat plank

    Serves 2 - 4
  14. Just made this for my dinner...USDA Prime Beef cooked over a mix of white oak and charcoal.

    Steak, it's what's for dinner :D

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  15. I love grilling. And even though we grilled through the winter, there's nothing like that first hot weekend day of grilling and cold beers.

    But what I really love is BBQ. I think I'm going to build a small smoker this week so we can get some pulled pork going for next weekend when the rest of my friends get home from college. I'm also really excited for experimenting with my own BBQ sauce. It will definitely be in the North Carolina (vinegary) style.
  16. I LOVE my smoker. I mean, if my wife ever leaves me I'm marrying it.

    Takes 14 hours to make proper pulled pork but it's worth it.
  17. love grilling with a few friends, sippin brews, toking, then munching down.

    its the life:hello:
  18. Wow, I made this a minute ago. :smoke: Grilling up some Porkchops that i've been marinating in Dale's.

    Shit's gonna be bomb. Got a few Blue Moon Ale's to wash it all down with too!
  19. grill some pineapple

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