The Grey Album

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  1. The DJ who mixed it (Dangermouse) is also 1/2 of Gnarls Barkley btw.

    And in my opinion Reasonable Doubt shits on The Black Album :)
  2. The Grey Album is solid, but The Black Album is definitely not Jay-Z's best album. Check out the rest of his discography.

    Danger Mouse is the man. It's a shame that producers are so limited in what they're allowed to sample, although I understand why the original artists might feel like they deserve a cut of the profits.
  3. Reasonable Doubt > Other Jay-Z Albums.

  4. Fixed. :)
  5. Is it wrong that i think the mash up was a little over rated... Like at times it was too noisy.
  6. definately woth checking out considering its free over the internet, but thats not saying much.
  7. i thought the grey album was pretty dope too, not jay z's best, but sick nonetheless
  8. It wasnt made by Jay-Z, it was made by a DJ using songs from Jay-Z's black album.

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