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  1. I work at Weed Man its a lawn care company. My fellow co-worker Johan is a hippy of hippies on our way to the area we were working in that day, Johan was telling my supervisor Jared about a field of pot located in somewhere in CO (i know the exact location) and this saturday my friend Wes and Jared are gonna drive to this location and see if it truly exists. It will be an adventure for the hemp history books. Have any of u guys ever found a pot plant or plants growing somewhere?
  2. Rolling Kansas?
  3. good movie but nope colorado lol i'll post pics
  4. I call rolling kansas too dude:smoke:
  5. My friend found 2 plants in some hippy guys back yard once haha, but he left them cause he was like 8.
  6. thats cool u dont believe me but leave ur judgement until u see the pics. in fact i dont even know if its really there i'm just relying on my friends word that its actually there guess i'll find out saturday
  7. And what if it's not there?

    You'll still have a pretty fun Saturday going and viewing some beautiful CO views. It sounds like it'll be a fun day, the chance of finding a shit load of marijuana, good times driving with some friends, marijuana themed day... fuck, sounds awesome. Have fun... I'll be at work :(
  8. hell yeah dude good attitude this is gonna be an awesome saturday!!!
  9. I believe you for sure, if that was aimed at me cause I dont see any posts saying like not believing, but yea I believe it cause your trusting your friend so its all in their reliability.
  10. good luck man! Rollin Kansas was a dope movie, thatd be wayy siick if you found a grow like that! Remember to bring duffel bags!
  11. How'd it turn out?
  12. We await...





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