The Greeks Get It

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  2. So it's not Greece's fault at all that they issued billions of debt they had no hope of paying back?

    No personal responisibility at all? All somebody else's fault? Not even a LITTLE bit of personal responsibility?
  3. Um, I hope this is a really bad joke.
  4. No its true, globalization/neoliberalism/capitalism has fucked pretty much the entire planet.
  5. Wait, there's capitalism still? Where? :p
  6. Where isn't there some sort of capitalist system?

    Capitalism is in every country, even Cuba, China and the former Soviet Union.
  7. Sure, "some sort." In America it's only been "some sort" of Capitalism for a long time... I think the early 1860's was the last time we've had anything resembling a free market. So, unless you're blaming those guys on this world's current financial predicament...
  8. Oh i see, the "America isnt a capitalist society" line.:p

    Your right though, neoliberalism/capitalism is dying a slow death.

    I believe theres more capitalism (private control) than socialism (public control) in our economic system, so i dont by the mixed economy argument.
  9. Public or private, the Fed's the Fed.

    Seems like no matter how you slice it, it's somebody else's fault... convenient.
  10. So let's be clear-- Greece is not the one responsible for borrowing hundreds of billions that they knew they never, ever, could ever, under any conditions, manage to pay back?

    EVERYONE ELSE is responsible, but not Greece?
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    ^This is socialism... your quality of life is never ever your responsibility. But don't forget, you are entitled to a great quality of life.
  12. The problem with Greece is it's entitlment system. In Greece you can retire at 40 something. Something like a quarter of their citizens are employed by the Government. There's numerous subsidies, aid programs, etc. In an essence, it is the ULTIMATE welfare state.

    Oh, but the problem is the corporations...



    Let me also be clear, I don't support corporations, they're a form of business welfare. I'm just saying, Greece is bleeding money because of it's social programs, not corporations. That's a very silly concept.
  13. The bankers and the capitalists cause the problem in Greece, not the working people. Like the article stated, Goldman Sachs was a big palyer in the crisis behind the scenes along with the rightwing Greek govt.

    The Greek crisis was precipitated by capitalist edifice.
  14. Goldman Sachs are only capitalists in the sense that they love making money... they are a slap in the face to honarable free market capitalism.

    In America, they are so in bed with government as to have basically legalized fraud (thanks to government "regulators")... and if they do get caught for blatantly stealing, they just buy their way out of it. I imagine things are even more corrupt in a country like Greece.

    "Goldman Sachs flies way too close to the Sun."
  15. But their still capitalists, and thats what capitalists do. Profits over people. The nature of the snake is to bite, and bite it does.

    And yes i agree, we need tougher regulations on companies like Goldman Sachs. I highly doubt that will happen, seeing Obama and his admin are in bed with big business.

    Goldman Sachs runs the government, not the other way around. And yes, thats the fault of the capitalists/corporatists in our government. But thats what happens when you live in a plutocracy.
  16. Now, you get it... America is a fascist state (with socialist tendencies)... so, quit blaming capitalism. :)
  17. Oh yes America is close to being a fascist state, thanks to capitalism and neoliberalism in this country and around the world.
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    Do you even hear yourself? That's like saying, "Coca-Cola, brought to you by Pepsi." :laughing:

    Atanyrate, why do you need links to support your "views?" (besides, they are clearly misleading you)
  19. Seriously. I can't believe anyone could honestly read this tripe and say this author "gets it!"
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    You do realize that fascist are socialist dont ya ? You like blaming capitalism but the truth is if capitalism was really the name of the game those people in greece would have never got those bloated benefits packages in the first place. The thing I love about socialist is they seem to think money just falls out of the sky and they can demand more and more stuff from the government without having to worry who is paying for all that stuff. My favorite is oh we will just take what we need from the rich people they have more than enough they can share with the rest of us. What the socialist dont realize is there are only so many rich people in the world and sooner or later ure going to run out of rich people to steal from so who is going to pay for all those goodies u have come to expect when there are no more rich people to steal from ? The government eh the government doesnt have any money of its own everything government has it takes from the population thats why the bigger a government gets the weaker the private sector gets because the government feeds off the private sector. The tipping point which greece is at is when the government becomes larger than the private sector. Greece had to borrow money to pay for all the goodies the population demanded the thing about borrowing money is sooner or later the person u borrowed money from comes back and asks for the money back. Thats what happened in greece and what will happen to any other country that lets it government spend more than the private sector can create.

    Thats the big difference between capitalism and socialism. In capitalism the population makes a bigger pie when they want more pie in socialism you take your neighbors slice and add it to your own when u want more pie. Sooner or later you always run out of neighbors to steal pie slices from and that's the fundamental flaw with socialism. In capitalism its true the pie slices are not even but the pie size is infinite so if you want more pie all you got to do is make the pie bigger. Yeah making the pie bigger is hard work but you are rewarded for all your hard work by having a bigger slice of the pie. Capitalism also means if you screw up then u run the risk of losing your pie slice all together but its worth the risk to have the chance of having pie slice that has no limit on how big it can get. In socialism your pie slice can only get as big as the pie its self after that u are screwed if u want more pie. Thats why america was able to win the cold war against the USSR because america's pie kept getting bigger while the USSR's pie had a size limit.

    Also here is a little bit knowledge for the socialist running around saying socialism is not communism. The USSR stands for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Chew on it

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