The Greatest Song Ever Created. THIS IS IT.

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  1. Please listen to this song through. Read the lyrics. This is the greatest song in the history of music.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Nas - You're Da Man[/ame]

    This is not good lyrics. This is poetry, at its truest level.
  2. I wouldn't go and say it'z the greatest song ever but shyt is ill as hell
  3. thats a dope song
  4. track is nasty as nas always is. but, i have to give a rebuttal to your title's resolution...

    [ame=""]YouTube - Eminem - Infinite[/ame]
  5. Sorry but I really don't agree with the OP... thats not even Nas' best song I think NY State of Mind and Represent are both better... Rewind might be his most clever track too.

    As far as poetry... listen to the second verse of this track. It's a Jedi Mind Tricks song featuring a guest recanting his father's Vietnam War experience... some haunting shit. Nothing has really touched me like this track.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Jedi Mind Tricks- Uncommon Valor (A Vietnam Story)[/ame]
  6. That was sick sir breach. However, as a huge Nas fan, while NY State of mind and represent are timeless, classic hip-hop, they just don't touch on that surreal personal level that you're da man does, in my humble opinion. That Jedi song was amazing, but I can't personally relate. Just wanted to share You're Da Man.
  7. what no love for Ether? Hero?

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