The Greatest Herb and Depression

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  1. A middle-aged woman going through menopause was advised by her doctor that along with current hormonal assistance adding marijuana tea or even smoking the herb would seriously help with her depressive episodes.

    Being a life-long opponent of marijuana, she refused the doctors advice, and sure enough the hormones amplified her depression to where she became suicidal. Watching late night TV she saw an ad for a Suicide Hotline, and after much thought she decided to give them a call.

    Once connected to the Hotline, she noticed what seemed to be a strange accent, and asked the counselor where they were located. "Pakistan," the counselor replied. With a sigh and a shrug she forged ahead and finally admitted she was having thoughts of committing suicide.

    Suddenly, in the background she heard a number of excited voices whispering. A few moments later, a new voice came on the line. "Madam? Have you tried marijuana for your depression?"

    "Lord, no!," she exclaimed..."I NEVER would use that!"

    "Good!," the voice replied. "Can you drive a truck?" :rolleyes:
  2. it took me a minute to get it but thats pretty funny:hello:
  3. OH. hahahaha very good
  4. Lol took me a while to get this one haha
  5. for the dude who doesn't get it, the joke is she's suicidal and the pakistan guys are asking her if she can drive a suicide bombing run.

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