The greatest day of my life.........

Discussion in 'General' started by SugarcroN, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. My PO called this morning and said IM OFF PROBATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BACK TO THE REAL WORLD!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO NO MORE 8 o clock curfew!!!!! Damn im happy :D
  2. hey congratulations man, i wouldnt say my day has been the opposite but it has been bad, yesterday too. But that must have been some serious shit to have an 8 oclock also on probation but its a little more laid back. anyways have fun and soak up the free life, but dont get caught again!!
  3. I wont be gettin caught anytime soon, or atleast I hope. Ive tango'd with lady justice and she stepped on my feet. What a bitch.
  4. enjoy the free life my friend :smoking:
  5. thats awesome. what happens if you get caught again though? sorry to focus on the negative lol. just wondering cuz htis kid i know is on probation.

    congrats though, how long was it for?
  6. It was about 3 months, After I got caught I just started being ALOT more careful. But if i doooooooo get caught again, well more probation? maybe a program? who knows! I covered my tracks real well wile on probation though. Smoked thru out the whole period.
  7. What did you get caught doing?
  8. Masturbating in the bushes.

  9. hahaha ...i got caught doing that once ....i didnt get probition though.... just alot of scratches on my dick... it was a prickly bush.....

  10. hahaha thats gold
  11. A kid I went to school with got caught masturbating in the bushes. From that day forward he became known as Eddie "Fast Hands" McEchran

    haha, that guy was a douche.
  12. there was a kid at my school who got caught jerkin in the library! he never heard the end of it
  13. There was a kid at school who was caught masturbating in the bathroom 6th,7th,8th,and9th grades. Hes a fucked up kid. Anyway I was comming home from work and some cops were wondering why I was out so late being close to work I walked and it was like 11 and I was smokin a nice fat roach which i swallowed after seeing the cops but there was some roach weed in a baggie that they charged me with. It was the gayest day of my life.................hah. like .2 grams.

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