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Discussion in 'General' started by bob_barker, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. Well i just cant beleive i never saw a post on this yet......Where are all the damn Disc Golfers????!!! Man i must say i love it!! For those who dont know what it here is a get a disc, kinda like a frisbee but heavier and built different......and you throw them at courses (you can go to your state parks,and county parks have feilds too) into a basket sticking out of the ground with chains.....And the best thing is EVERYONE is a stoner!! You can just roll out on the feild and spark a fat blunt and people will just join in....its great.....
    Well if there are any out there that love this game as much as me tell me bout your courses you go to.
  2. i play frisbee golf...same thing?
  3. hell yeah frisbee golf is awesome. I remember it coming up more than once on these forums. Is it a stoner sport? hah, i started playin well before i smoked though...
  4. around here its a stoner sport for sure....... I used to be alright until I lost my discs, now I havn't played in like a year..

    Sucks though, sport is so popular now our course is always packed, and I hate that
  5. Back in the days when I worked at a pizza shop, we used to get high and invent frisbee golf courses.

    We'd set it up so you'd like, start in the basement. Have to go up, around the kitchen, into the dining room, past the arcade, and into the bathroom or something like that. Setup a par for the course, then everyone would get their go at it.

    I miss working in a smoked out pizza shop...
  6. I play that every once in a while with my friends. It's really fun. Ultimate frisbee is a lot better, though!

  7. Well in my opinion another fun part of the sport is finding the discs........when you play you never know who lost a disc so me and my freinds always go lookin for them when we play.....sometimes we go in the swamp too and find far as the crowding i know what you mean especally when you get a bunch of fucks who go there......but its not like they are gonna do anything so who fuckin cares tell them to fuck off......
  8. Our course is so compact though, like 18 holes in 10 square feet of land... well not that bad, but you get the picture

    everyone always finds their discs, unless of course they go into the lake, then you'd have to dive for them, and that lake is fucking black so it'd be pretty hard. As for telling them to fuck off, most of them are 18-30 year olds, so telling them to fuck off would result in an ass beating
  9. we have 18 holes set up at a local elementary school...we use flag poles and trees and parking signs and garbage cans. it wraps around the entire school. good excercise and good fun.

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