The Great Northwest... yeah, ok.

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  1. I have 5 plants that I've grown over the summer and now they are about half a month from harvest. The problem is that it pours down rain every day almost. Is this going to cause root rot? Is it something I should be concerned with. Btw, this is my first grow.
  2. unless they are sitting in a swamp or the roots are submerged in standing water, i think you'll be fine. outdoor plants are pretty resilient of natural weather changes.
  3. No, they have space for water to flow and they aren't in a swampy area. Thanks!
  4. Sounds like you should be fine! Show us some pictures!
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    Sorry, new to uploading pictures. So the closeup is one of the buds and all the plants here are about 7 feet tall. The purple one I believe is purple widow. The others are white widow. I was a little concerned about the yellowing of the big fan leaves, maybe due to nitrogen deficiency? I've been using Fox Farm Big Bloom ever since they started flowering. Someone told me that at the end of the season the big leaves wither and die. I don't know if that's true. [​IMG] Guess it didn't take my closeup.
  6. It looks too early for them to have a nitrogen deficiency..

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