The great light debate... 600 v 1000 - any advice for my room size?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by legalcaregiver, May 7, 2011.

  1. Any advice. I'm sick of going in circles in my head.

    Veg room is 5ft h x 5ft w x 5ft long. Light is above the ceiling (plants can grow to pretty close to the max 5ft ceiling). 400w MH. Considering getting a 600 here as well, but they seem to really perform well under the 400, especially with just vegging.

    In the process of finishing flower room.

    Size 5ft h x 5.5ft w x 10ft long. Same thing with lights, recessed into ceiling. Full ventilation available from air cooled hoods.

    How to best utilize that space? I'm thinking 15-18 flowering plants at any given time in 5 gal buckets, 3 wide, 6 rows. Leaves about a foot or so on each side of plant "aisle" for access. Also, I'm thinking 3 lights in that room for full coverage.

    I will have powerful fans. Venting is expected and won't be a problem.

    Given this information, would you guys go with 1000w or 600w lights? I so hate to see neglected buds on the outside edges, but who doesn't? Will it be worthwhile to go with 1000? So many say 600 is more efficient, but what I want is the BIGGEST, and most potent results I can create, given my limited space.

    1000 or 600?
  2. I would recommend a 1000 for a taller room, but at 5' , 600 watts will be plenty for coverage and penetration.

  3. I'd get 3 - 600s. 1000s are the best choice for the biggest buds possible of course, but like Russy said you are a little bit limited on height. 600s would be the better choice given your height constraints.
  4. So you've got about 3.5' of vertical grow room after space for the buckets. If you're going with multiple stationary lamps, you could do eight 400's or 430's; two rows of four along the room. They'll produce maximum crystal up to about three feet away from the bulb. Stationary 1000's wouldn't be the best way to go because you need twenty inches of space between them and the plant tops, cutting your vertical growing area to less than two feet. You'd have a bit of the same problem with 600's, since after the space they need from the plants, the remaining distance is easily handled by a 400w.

    If you bring light movers into the equation, you can set up as few as two lamps that can get much closer to the plants than stationary ones because the more intense light doesn't shine on each plant as long.

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