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Discussion in 'General' started by PlanKtoN, May 18, 2010.

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    Im back from the park down the street, blazed, realizing again how beautiful is a sunset.

    So here's the question GC: It's your last day on earth and you can only enjoy either a sunrise or a sunset....what's your choice

    Peace and Love :love:
  2. hmm definitely gotta say sunset. the colors!!!!!!
  3. i would prefer a sunset this being my last day on earth it would seem as if i were going into my eternal night never to wake again.
  4. Really creative thread bro :D. Tried to rep you but gotta spread more first, I'll getcha!

    Back on topic though, I'd say without a doubt sunset. The colors are way more intense, and the orange/red/yellow always bleed together for an unbelievable display or awesomeness!
  5. I have in mind this shot of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, in which the couple just sit down, in silence, enjoying the sunrise. What a wonderful scene GC :)
  6. A beautiful sunset for sure.
  7. 9-0 lol. I don't like smoking in the morning unless that day is going to be a designated "stoned all day watching movies and or sports" day.
  8. Poor sunrise is in bad shape :p
  9. Sunset. I'm not waking up early to view a sunrise on my last day.
  10. I'm the outcast.. :cool:
  11. sunset for sure cuz i would rather choke and die lonely and miserable in my sleep than wake up so goddam early.
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    Sunrise :hello:
  13. Sunrise. I'm not a morning person but the whole metaphor of "It's darkest just before dawn" makes sunrises just that much more important to me. It's when you know that you've pulled through to the next day and it's just starting out anew.
  14. I gotta go with sunrise. I hate mornings and very rarely experience a sunrise, but it goes from pitch black to completely illuminated with the lively, warm, welcoming sunrays in a matter of minutes which makes it fucking incredible. I love blazing a huge blunt early in the morning (or late at night) during a sunrise. It's refreshing shit really.
    A sunset is pretty nice too, but after it goes down, you're like fuck... it's rest-time for us humans. Nothing is really happening
  15. I prefer to swim off into the sunrise and never be heard from again. Remember me if you like, but don't forget to have a good breakfast. Good breakfasts lead to productive and enjoyable daytime experiences. They make you smarter, we proved it awhile ago. (You can trust me, I am an authority on the subject.) Couple of eggs, some bacon, a muffin or two or perhaps a slice of toast with some jelly. Brain food, and you need your brain. So, for crying out loud, don't forget to eat your breakfast.
  16. sunrise. the day is just getting started. so uplifting.

    sunset. fuck soon i wont be able to see anything. nay
  17. Damn reminds me of home :(, but Sunsets are better for sure, nothing better than sitting on my back porch in the summer with a cooler of brews and some herb to wind down the day.
  18. sunset fo sho,

    being your last day and all, its only rite to end it when the day is over, instead of starting.
  19. Sunrise. After being up all night. Then I can go to bed and sleep through my check out time.
  20. I've had some pretty amazing sunsets, yet I still went with sunrise. There's no better feeling than watching the sun rise after an all night acid frenzy, it's an amazing feeling.

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