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The good ole days

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Apr 28, 2002.

  1. I love the days of friends and family sitting around partying and ejoying life. Those days are slowly disappearing with work and t6o much going on in life. We need to get back to the days of happiness and love.

    Great day to ya all!
  2. YUP!! From one O.F.F, to another, Yeah you're right!!!! :wave:

    Great Day right back at ya Bud!!!!! :smoking:
  3. Just like in the old days. Just the O.F.F. joined together for a cool buzz and healthy conversation!
  4. Get yourselves a nice little line of rocking chairs so you O.F.F's can rock yourselfs silly smoking joints. I'll come over often to visit ya, hope ya don't mind :D

    The hard work is what makes those moments of partying and laid-back fun so precious, for if we partied every day constantly it wouldn't be as "fun."

    I work hard to play hard, and it all evens out in the end. Don't overwork yourselves guys, or you'll find yourself in the O.F.F. rocking chairs a little too soon :D

  5. we need official O.F.F. rocking chairs. Only the best for us old fried farts!

  6. Now theres an idea i'm all for. a forum where ya have to be an old fried fart to join.

    I haven't tried the ignore funtion yet. I am going to look ito it very soon though.

  7. Just wait till 'the day after tomorow' mankind will loose all their technology and everyone will start growing weed and then we will all just smoke weed all the time...
  8. we need porches! porches, rocking chairs, long white beards, pot ... and banjoes!!!
  9. Everyone is just too uptight nowadays.

  10. Did you see the date????

    OFFF's sitting on the porch smoking doobies and enjoying life!!!!!!!
  11. *Runs out to the porch*
  12. Come on all you O.F.F.Fs and lets get the party rolling..

    Got the bong and pipes and joints.. Lets fire it up and toke it down!!!!!!

    * ON The porch*
  13. I'll roll up a fatty and go out in the back yard - in the swing. My rockin' chair is put away for now. ;)

    I miss those days, too BH.
  14. Yep ,l be standing there by the fire near the back porch.
    Bong at the ready and scratching my head ,thinking whats stonies new avator all about ???? :smoking:
  15. (hee hee)
    Seems like everytime I post on a thread, it's always the last one for a long time.

    The Jolly Roger looks kida cool, though, huh?
  16. not his time my friend :smoking:

    So its friday afternoon .lts school holidays and the granddaughter and my youngest son are playing kick to kick in the back yard.
    The suns out for the first time in weeks .

    Think l,ll just go have a couple of pipes and sit on the back porch fir a bit :smoking:
  17. It's Thursday nite, summer vacation and the youngest son left for Florida today - for a MONTH!! :( He's visiting Grandma. He was so excited to go. I'm excited for him but I miss him already. The 4th ain't gonna be the same this year.
  18. Meet Jacob ,my first grandson. 2 hours old.
  19. damn that kid is adorable

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