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The good ol' days

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Valcurium, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. I want to hear stories about the weed of yesteryear! only having smoked the ganja from 2010 onward, I would love to hear about the cannabis from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, etc.

    what were your experiences? :smoke:
  2. Shit I have no fucking clue, but one time I smoked on some bomb ass weed and dreamed I was back in the days of Woodstock and shit. I smoked on some Thai stick and the shit was the bomb, then I saw willie Nelson and blew like 30 lungs with that *****. Shit was so cash :smoke:

  3. goddamn meme mantis, you deff have one of my favorite user names on GC :smoke:
  4. Fucking baller, I was blitzed out of my mind when I made it and it just stuck so now I use it for everything. I'd like to dedicate this comment to my iPad for auto correcting baller into the following: balled, ballerina, balls, ballot. Like seriously iPad I know what the fuck I wanna type. Jesus man this things gettin me riled up.
  5. cmon people, revel me with the stories of old!
  6. Good ol' days were back when you can get "trey bags" -- yes, $3 bags of weed -- and loose joints. That's how long I've been smoking.

    Nowadays even "nickel bags" ($5 bags) are extinct.

    Once upon a time, you could smoke walking down the street, or at a free concert, without anyone looking at you sideways. Try that now, and you're a druggie and people will narc on you.

    Way back when, dealers solicited strangers on the street. Now, dealers don't even approach me. Wtf? The laws haven't changed... I guess I'm too old and clean cut?

    I remember once me and friends were smoking a fat jay while waiting for food at one of those ghetto-ass, hole-in-the-wall, mouse-infested chinese restaurants. If you live in a big city, you know the kind: no tables, just a walk-in place where you order your food from people behind bullet-proof glass.

    A cop walked in while my friend was inhaling. Friend said "OHHHH SHIT" and spiked the joint onto the ground like it was a football. The cop just said "You guys should smoke that stuff at home" and ordered his fuckin food as we continued waiting for ours. That would NOT happen these days...

    Strange how weed seems more taboo nowadays, though (according to tv) attitudes toward weed are more accepting than ever...
  7. ^^that era sounds awesome. its like sf, hippie hill on 4/20. it feels a lot more free than how society is today
  8. The weed wasn't grown very well back in the day. But the people were naturally higher, so it didn't matter. People are so much colder and harder than they used to be.

    I don't want to be one of those old guys who lives only in my memories of the past....but it was a gentler time back then. No one related to others via texting, etc. or knew Brazilian being around each other was more relaxed. If there was a fight, no one got stomped unconscious while their friends filmed it for YouTube.

    Actually, the pot was only a small part of WHY we got high the way we did. It was a different world back then and all the reemergence of Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold and Panama Red in the world, unfortunately, won't bring it back.

    *Debbie Downer noise*

  9. I remember seeing Styx in concert and they played on a flat bed trailer (Remember THOSE concerts?) with Steppenwolf and Head East.

    You could smell the weed in the air and almost always you would get something passed your way. Outdoors in the dust and sun,
    levis with patches, shirts off, the fat chick on the guy's shoulders showing everyone her tits! CB radio broadcasts coming over the PA system!

    I feel honored to have been there!

  10. dude, you're a legend. Styx is sick.

    I wish you had some old school weed seeds man....I wanna grow some Thai!
  11. Doesn't weed have a lot more THC these days than back then?

  12. yes, weed nowadays is a lot more potent than before.

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