The Good And The Bad.

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  1. So I'm broke and decided to take my amp to the pawnshop. This thing is a hundred pound beast. I carried it half way (about a mile) before some old jazz musician started asking questions about it. Once i told him that I was just heading to the pawnshop to get a few bucks for it he offered me a ride the rest the way.
    Sadly though when I got there they couldn't take it because the serial number was missing. I've already called guitar center to raise hell about it but without the invoice from when I bought it they can't really do anything.
    But the guy gave me a ride home so I didn't have to carry the amp all the way back (two miles round trip). Didn't even take the gas money I offered him.

  2. Why would you ever buy something, from a legitimate chain no less, without a serial number?
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    bought it online at the used section of the guitarcenter website and mistook the patent number for the serial number.
  4. Faith in humanity restored.
  5. Just found out the serial number is also printed inside the amp, so I gotta take it apart and write it down.

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