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The Golden Goat Pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Paul420MW, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Gotta love the frostiness! Nice pick up!
  2. Yea its very frosty and it has a nice lemony citrus taste and smell to it.
  3. I LOVE GG... shits always some fire whenever i smoke it... has a very different smell from the rest as well. I have no idea how to describe "the goat" smell. ;)

    How much that chron run you?
  4. looks delicious

  5. Cheap, really cheap...
  6. Ohh Maaaa Godd

    Hook a brotha up! :D

  7. haha If you were near Chitown I would smoke you down...:wave:
  8. how cheap? We talking 20-30/eighth? I pay 35-40 for just an eighth... this strain i could get for 35/eighth... i remember i could chose between this or some Family Love i believe it was... i took the FL... it just looked more dank haha.
  9. 200 an ounce...
  10. daaamn looks like some high quality funk! $200 for a onion of that is a steal!!
  11. ah that's the hook up price in the Northwest if you have a legit hook up... cant wait until my buddy harvests his chemdog #4 and headband... ill definitely pick up an oz. Hopefully he doesnt charge more than $200... considering i have to drive to another city 1.5 hours away to get it. Though i can make trips down to the Springs and pick up ounces there for $200... whenever. Same in seattle and oregon... always 150-200/oz pricing if you buy in bulk (qp+), i got a 150/oz last month in seattle... amazing prices over there compared to our 240-280/oz prices here in Billings. :eek:

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