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The Glass Bastard's Collection Thread

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Glass Bastard, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. All of the varieties of pieces I've collected together over time. Anywhere from basic scientific pipes all the way up to super advanced scientific colab pieces and heady glass, I'll be posting it all:smoke:
    I'll start nice, the SG Peyote Pillar Perc w/Carver B Slide and SALT and Cap'n Crunk Slide. And theres plenty more to come...
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  2. damnnnnn, those glass looking good bro! how much does a circ to peyote pillar hollowfoot cost? a grand or so?
  3. There's the SALT and Cap'n Crunk Colab Slide and the Carver B slide. Both are possibly my two prize slides.
    The Peyote Ball Perc on the actual SG Peyote Pillar. Out of the two I prefer this one due to the slight flare on this one, whereas the other one seems more like a ball.
    The Pillar section of the pipe. 8 Pillars directing bubble flow and smoke upwards. This is what makes the peyote pillar truly unique.
    Here's a shot of the bubble action from the actual Peyote Ball Perc. You can see how the bubble flow is drected upwards through the 8 pillars.
    The Diffusion and bubble action on the peyote pillar is so immense that the bubbles can rise all the way through the pillars, and still create that much diffusion at the top of the pillar chamber. as I said, this is what makes the Pillar truly unique.
    And of course it wouldn't be complete without the milkshot...
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    If you're ridiculously lucky you can find one for under a grand.
    If you're fuckin' lucky, you can find one under 1200.
    If you're really lucky, you can find one at ALL.

    Everytime theyre posted up on technologies of the labs of aqua they're gone before you can order one. It took a couple months worth of hunting for me.
  5. That is the best description of why a Peyote Pillar is so different(=expensive) I've read yet. Thank you from those of us who may never get the chance to see one in action in real life, much experience the hit it delivers.
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    True that, they're definitely expensive, but worth it. At least there are other makers of peyote pillar percs out there that are now making them at cheaper costs, most notably DWB. You can find DWB Pillars sometimes as cheap as 750, although admittedly they're hard to come by, and in my opinion aren't quite as good. The completely flawless welds, german schott duran glass, and literally perfect pipe width ratio add up to what I would rate as the single cleanest and most impressive pipe on the market.. If my friend at my lhs is right though they'll be getting in Peyote Pillars of another brand soon in there at around 750+ soon (I usually get hooked up though), so I'll keep updating. If he's right you'll probably see one on here from me.

  7. Someday...
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    Before I continue onto the next pipe, I have a grading system which I use to rate pipes, and I'll do so for each pipe I post. I grade on the categories of Taste, Airflow, Purity, Impact, and Ease of Use and use a 1-10 scale. I include ease of use due to the fact that not every pipe can have any idiot just walk up to and use correctly, and frankly this is a social sport.

    Manufacturer: Sovereignty Glass
    Model: Peyote Pillar Percolator
    Pipe Dimensions: 60mm x 38mm x 3.8mmthick
    Style: Hollowfoot Base, Natural Bend Splash Guard (Natty Splash)
    Retail Value: Commonly $1000-$1250
    Specifications: 18mm Size Joint conection. Most models roughly from 18"-20" tall. German Schott Duran Glass.

    Taste: 10.0
    The Sovereignty Glass Peyote Pillar is quite possibly the single-most-taste-preserving pipe I have ever had the chance to use. Despite the incredible amount of diffusion and filtration occurring no taste is lost in the entire exchange.

    Airflow: 10.0
    The Pillar Perc has the most unique chug and pull in comparison to any other pipe I've ever used. The pipe almost feels like its fighting against you, but as anyone who's ever hit one can tell you its certainly not the case. The second the bowl is pulled from the pipe, smoke almost instantly is cleared from bowl to entire chamber.

    Purity: 10.0
    Once again, as clearly evidenced in the pics above, the amount of diffusion put out from the Peyote Pillar is unmatched. Filtration is top notch, and hits are extremely clean and crisp.

    Impact: 10.0
    Extremely Impactful. Despite its small size, the incredible complexity of the pipe itself ensures plenty of room for large kill-shots if desires, while at the same time an early pulled bowl is more than satisfying for those who prefer smaller hits. Reagrdless, the pipe almost shoots smoke into your lungs, and a milk from a pillar can knock veteran smokers cold.

    Ease of Use: 6.0
    The one area the Pillar falters in. This is far from a beginner level pipe, and someone who's never seen one before would have a difficult time figuring out appropriate water-levels and operation. Additionally the pipe is not very adaptable to working with Ashcatchers, as a very precise level of pull is necessary to completely facilitate the pillars. However, it remains quite adaptable for use with domes and skillets.

    Overall score: 10.0
    Ok yes I know what you're saying, "If it got a 6.0 in the last category how can you give it a 10.0?". Well its because quite frankly, the pipe itself is truly perfect. While it may not be a beginner level pipe, this is not a pipe that should be used by someone inexperienced. This is a pipe that any true connoisseur can appreciate, and frankly ashcatchers and attachments aren't needed with this pipe, its perfect on its own. So while it may not be the easiest to use, anyone who does know how to use it will find a truly flawless pipe in their hands. Sovereignty is widely recognized as the first ever "Super-high-end Brand" of water pipes available, mostly in due to their flawless nature. Every SG piece is completely flawless from top to bottom. Non-bubble welds, high quality German schott Duran, and an intricacy in craftsmanship on every square inch of the pipe is what makes a Sovereignty Pipe completely different than any other brand. Perfect is the only way to describe this pipe.
  9. Alright, next to be introduced would be my only named pipe in my entire collection, if you've followed my other posts you know why. :DMeet "One Love", my Illadelph Tri-coil Pyramid Perc w/ Illadelph 34mm Showerhead Ashcatcher.
    Thats a 34mm Showerhead Downstem in the Ashcatcher, with a built-in, and awkward-sized, 24mm downstem connecting to the interior of the Pyramid Perc.
    Here's the actual Pyramid Perc itself, and its a doozy. As you'll see from the pictures further below, its plenty capable of extreme diffusion.
    Here's the actual Tri-Coil section of the Pipe. Honestly I'm not sure why some people hate coils so much. Yes, they require a little bit more maintenance, and are large and bulky, but depending on the pipe they're actually quite satisfying. The pull of the tri-coil matches the Pyramid Perc well I say.
    And finally bubble shots. As you can see the pyramid perc can stack bubbles very effectively. However it beautifully does not ever exceed the apex at the top of the pyramid, ensuring you won't get any bubble up into the coil.
    And of course we can't forget the milkshot... The first one is stacking and filling the ashcatcher chamber, the first second before release in the pyramid perc (if you look closely you can see the wall of smoke inside the pyramid getting ready to be released. The second shot is just as the bowl cashes out and right before its about to be pulled.
    And there you have "One Love", my Illadelph Tri-Coil Pyramid Perc.:smoke:
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    Damnnn i seen those illadelphs at lhs for ridiculous $$$ but didnt think anyone would actually own one lol. Crazy glass, but seems hard to take care because its so complex. Howz the hit? Must be super smooth because the freezed coil.
  11. Lol, yeah they're a little on the pricier side thats for sure, but ever collector needs to have just a few extremely high-end unique pipes that separates our collection from others. That one's one of the few I'd say do that for my collection:cool:And yes the Illy does require more maintenance than the standard pipe, however, when you get a pipe like that you go into it fully acknowledging that it will take more maintenance anyway. You wanna smoke outta the best you gotta be able to take care of it. Scores for the Illy comin up shortly and then the next piece in the collection!
  12. keep on going bro, too bad im like the only audience here :p
  13. I want a illy, or a roor..going to do some in person shoping next week.
  14. That's a sweeet collection so far man, if you don't mind me asking, how do you afford all this?
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    Lol, isn't asking how someone affords glass on this website a moot point?? LOL, nah I'm fuckin. I used to own a shop/dispensary out in Cali for a couple years, made a nice amount of money out there too, but frankly theres too many damn issues out there now with Los Federales. So, I decided to call it quits early, take what I had earned and learned out there and moved to a nice, calm, peaceful area where no one bothers me anymore. That and it doesn't hurt to have a few friends at your LHS (Owners/Managers especially) :smoke:

    Edit: For my own sake I post this, I do not grow or distribute anything anymore to anyone. So please don't send me pm's for connections or anything like that, thats why I had to redo my facebook.
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  16. Alright, next the scores for the Illy and then onto the next pipe.

    Manufacturer: Illadelph Glass
    Model: Pyramid/Collin's Percolator
    Pipe Dimensions: 51mmx5mm thick throughout majority of tube. 24" Tall.
    Style: Mandatory use ashcatcher. Triple Coil Condenser.
    Retail Value: Commonly $2100-$2800
    Specifications: Mandatory ashcatcher 24mm Downstem connection w/ 34mm Showerhead A/C connection. Reticello worked Freezeable Triple Coil Condenser. Cobalt Blue. German Schott Duran Glass.

    Taste: 7.5
    With as much diffusion occurring in both the Showerhead Ashcatcher and the Pyramid Percolator, some of the taste is definitely lost, especially when using the coil frozen. Thats not to say all of it is lost, however in comparison with much smaller tubes, it definitely is lacking.

    Airflow: 8.0
    Even with the Triple-Coil on the top of the pyramid perc the Pyramid Perc gets a surprising amount of pull that allows smoke to travel through the tube at a relatively quick speed considering the overall distance the smoke has to travel. If you've seen the footage of my yourtube video you can see the pipe clears quite quickly. Admittedly the coils do make it a little more difficult to completely clear unless you've got fairly good lungs. Experienced smokers with bad lungs beware.

    Purity: 10.0
    Between this pipe and the Peyote Pillar Perc, they may be the two cleanest hitting pipes in my collection (especially for flowers). With a good few deep breaths, expand your lungs, and you can honestly take hits almost doubly as large as you would expect. The coil cools the smoke to ridiculously comfortable levels that do not agitate the throat at all.

    Impact: 9.5
    Again, the coil allows you to take blisteringly large in comparison hits to normal, but the large 51mm bore of the mouthpiece, as well as the width and length added with the coil, forces you to open your lungs further, giving you that deep-seated head-rush sensation when the hit settles in.

    Ease of use: 6.5
    Obviously this category for this pipe is going to get a fairly low score considering the intricacy of the pipe itself. The pipe requires a tremendous amount of maintenance, and BY NO STRETCH IS A BEGINNER LEVEL PIPE. A beginner WILL break this pipe eventually. Very awkward size connections and mandatory use of accessories ensure you won't find any after-market accessories available for this. The coil requires alot of extra care and attention in making it to the freezer constantly, and yes this pipe is a pain to clean.

    Overall Score: 8.3
    Overall the Illadelph has fantastic impact as well as capabilities of delivering extremely clean, crisp, and deadly hits. However, this comes at the extreme cost of having a mega-pain-in-the-ass to take care of, as well as a little extra self training to try and expand your lungs enough to clear that sucker every single time. On one hand its a fantastic night cap piece. Just get one huge, blisteringly sized hit right before bed and you'll be alright. However, that also means you better have some other daily driver pipes that can get you where you need the rest of the time. The pipe itself is of incredibly high quality, and you can certainly guarantee a few awkward gawks and stares whenever people see it for the first time (or see the price-tag).
  17. Next up I'll move onto a different type of diffuser entirely to keep things varied. The HBG Interior Inception Dual Inline Vacuum to 15-arm Tree Perc.
    Here you can see the reason why the pipe is called the "Interior Inception" inline vac, or "Interior Fires First" inline vac.
    Of course can't forget the Tree perc. My opinion on tree percs?? You seen one good quality manufacturer make a tree you've seen em all. Thats not to say everyone out there makes good Tree Percs, but those that do all function almost identically, HBG is no different.
    HBG's splash guard, a mini inverted showerhead. Great idea if you ask me.
    Unlike alot of other poorly built Inline-Vac's, a good quality one (Like HBG's) will fire on every port along the inline.It fires in sequence straight down the line in a wave.
    If you look closely you can see the bubble action occurring on the inside of the large inline.
    As of yesterday I managed to get an upgrade for this pipe as well, a custom fit showerhead stem adding an additional layer of diffusion. It makes a surprisingly substantial difference.
    And of course, the milk. Once again, firing on every port, beautiful.
    And there you have a high-quality Inline Vacuum.
  18. Man to be honest, at the same price you could pay for an Illy or a Roor, you could get much higher quality and much more scientific tubes. A good, GENUINE, Illy basic can run about 400-500 bucks. For that same cost I could get something like an HBG Scientific or an SG Stemline 8arm, or a Zob Circ or something. Not everything's in a name, lol. Perfect example is Roor and Illy, they make good, high quality glass, however it pales in comparison to what you get at the same cost/cheaper from ppl like SG, DWB, HBG, Zob, and others.
  19. That Cap'n Crunk slide.. oh my God... that thing is absolutely incredible looking.

    Your collection is bad ass too, such sick pieces man. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I'm more in love with the Carver B one. I love how it actually looked like it was whittled with a pocket knife in some spots, plus the incredible work on it. :yay:

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