the gift

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  1. as you know i am a faith healer ,all my life my family and lawyers have proteched me from the out side world ,like a rabbit in a gage !the only time i am open to anyone is when i demanned to use my gift ! to day i touch the hand of a 91 year old woman i have knowen for ages ,she is dieing ,soon ,very soon ,my spirit felt her fears of death the weekness of her touch the weightlessness of her spirit ,she is passing ,i told her best freind ,and she cryed like a baby beside me,she knows i feel the truth threw my touch !she's the one that called me ,right now i dont feel that the gift is a gift at times like this ,i have been crying most of the day my spirit well not stop till her spirit is at rest !i feels her pain ,i hear and feel her spirit cry out for help ,no one hears it but me it rips me up to know the feelings i have with in ! she did not want to let go of my hand ,i did not want to let go of hers ,to night it feel its going to be ! i well feel it like a knife in my heart ,a shadering pain threw my soul ,its comeing ,i know it,i'll pray but i all ready know he is comeing i feel he is near,late in the night, to night, tomorrow i know not but he is calling ,i hear him threw her touch ,i feel him near ,how sad can one man be to know the gift of god, i can anwser that just by going in and seting on the side of my bed and cry ,and cry ,and cry ,i ask my self if i knew what i know now back than would i have called out for god in my time of near death ,would i have touched his hand ,the anwser would still be, yes! good night to you all ,may you stay safe ,and remember to pray for your soul and those of your love ones, he can hear you ,i am tazz11 i know he can ! may be they did not proteched me from the out side world ,maybe they proteched the out side world from me !ether way i'll be up all night ,i'll share my spirit with the winds to night everthing well pass by me and threw me and i threw it ,i have felt so many death i have lost count ,each as real as my own ,one gift wraped a trillon time over , with a trillon feelings in side ,a touch of a hand and the gift opens like the flow of tears , and the ink i have typed to night here with in this post ,each time as real as the letters i type ,please i beg you if any one is out there any where in the world ,that is like i am ,and has the gift please talk to me tonight ,i need to know you if you feel god comeing like i do ,i need to know you if just to say you care about the pain i feel this night ,i'll smoke a few i'll take meds ,even sleeping pills at times to hide these feels from the gift ,but some times like to night there is no place to hide from it ,i long for it to come and pass threw me and to be over for this time ,untill the next ,so for all that read this, think twice before you touch his hand .his gift it with out cost to gods but too humans is a nother story !........................................................................................................................good luck tazz11

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