The General "Roor Tech"

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  1. This is my bong I nicknamed "The General" It's outta control! I have always been a roor fan, they def stepped it up a notch with the Roor Tech bongs.

    [ame=]Roor Tech Inline with Ash Catcher and Carbon Filter - YouTube[/ame]

    I hope you enjoy as much as i do!
  2. I'm a huge roor fan as well. I really like the rasta logo. My only recommendation is to fill that tube more before you pull that downstem. Btw are you puffin at your work?
  3. Nahh, I'm in my smokin room / office. I have a carbon air filtration system in there. That's the humming you can hear. That way it never smells up my house. Even works with cigarettes. :hello:

  4. Tell me more about this filtration system? Is it a standalone or built in to your ac system?
  5. Well actually, mini story here. . Sometime after my house was built before I purchased it. Someone put AC plumming in the attic. But they also put ducting from the attic all the way to the basement with a 2 way fan on it, i assume so u can pump hot air down in the winter and cold air up in the summer. But anywhooo, one of these ducts ran down inside the closet in that room. So i just took a 8'' carbon filter I had and a fan and plumbed it into that duct. So long story short. It sucks the air from the smoking room, cleans it and i can blow it up into the attic or down into the basement.
  6. Nice video bro!
  7. Thanks man, I love smokin so I figured why not take some cool vids so I can watch them when I'm 50 and still smokin.
  8. Yo how much did you get ur roor tech for?
  9. With the Inline pipe, Ash Catcher, Carbon Filter, and bigger bowl I believe it was $930 or something.
  10. Here is the air filtration video.

    [ame=]Air Filtration in the Smokin Room - YouTube[/ame]
  11. 930$????? What
  12. Horrible price. Coulda gotten an amazing SG, Toro, or just about anything else would be better than a 900$ roor....

    For real you coulda bought somethin like these.

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  13. Dude I had a Roor tech inline to 10 arm tree that was only $450. 900.... -_- poor Guy that's almost a peyote pillar on BM
  14. I would have sold you my Roor tech for 300 shipped. Damn lol I feel bad but hopefully you enjoy the piece.
  15. I wasn't to worried about the money. It was the best one around town so I got it. lol

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