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Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze_It_Up420, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Does anyone here play the game? Theres 3 rules.

    1). Once you know about the game you are playin it.
    2) Whenever you think about the game you loose.
    3) Whenever you loose you must announce that you lost.

    A lot of people at school play it, its pretty funny when someone just yells out I lost the game and makes everyone else loose lol. Its fun to put reminders of it around places too, like a note or an away message.
  2. What in god's name are you talking about?
  3. Its extremly simple. Just whenever you think about the fact you are playing"the game" you loose and must announce it. When your around a bunch of people who play it it will make more sense.

    I basically just wanted to see if anyone else played
  4. I lost the game. :(

  5. i win!..wait HUH!?
  6. Seems rather pointless to me... I just lost the game.
  7. Well then how do you win? I wanna win.

    i lost
  8. I've been playing the game for about a year and a half now. Its to the point that my friends call me from inside church or on vacation to tell each other they lost. Its good to see that other people play it. Reading this made me lose.
  9. I lost as soon as I started:( I suck at this game. Can you even win?
  10. Can I start over? I totally lost.
  11. It never ends, as soon as you forget about the game, you start winning.

    i lost
  12. DAmmit^ thanks apparently I was winning, til you messed it up for me:p
  13. You go to holy cross. Wammy.
  14. uh i played somthing like this but it was were some asked what would you take on a hunting trip and they had to answer with somthing the first letter of there name and if they didnt theyd have to hit tha bottle (canadian mist). the point of the game is to get people wasted that dont know about the game. that night i got fuccked up and then figured it out. either way its was fun.

    actuallyy this is nothhing like your game but i gest i lost already uh huh
  15. I dont think about it when you say it... I just was like what the hell... so Im winning:D
  16. The second the game starts it's over. You think - you lose - you say u lost in the same moment. Thus meaning it's not even a game right? I think a game should last more than a moment. But I think this is a joke I took too seriously. I'll ask my friends if they've heard of it/thought it was funny.
  17. No I know about this. The best is you say the game then everyone else who hears it rememberes it after you so you are winning.

    Its like attention everyone the game. Then your winning because they all now remembered it.
  18. But by saying it wouldn;t you also be thinking about it?
  19. Shit I was fuckin winning for months, then I came across this and lost
  20. I'm winning yay.

    oops I just lost...darn it! maybe next time

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