The funniest thing of the summer

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    The funniest thing happened to my friends and I this summer. So my friend (Sir Tokes Alot, from here) and I have been chilling at this one kid's house (let's call him Joe) like every day for the latter half of the summer. He has a pool table and an old style video game thing with Dig Dug on it, and it's awesome. We smoked there almost every day and it was so fun. One time we were all super high and his mom came down, and she speaks Russian, so I started laughing hysterically because the Russian was making me laugh. Then, she finds a bag of weed on the couch, and starts poking at it, saying, "Shto yeta, shto yeta!" which means, "What's this?" in Russian. So Joe just says, "Somebody left it here earlier," and we were all laughing uncontrollably. I had my face in my arm because I was laughing so hard. Then, Joe's mom leaves the bag there and walks back upstairs! I was laughing for like three minutes after that. It was just priceless.
  2. Nuck nuck nuck nuck

  3. I can't believe she just put the bag of weed right back where it was like it was nothing!!
  4. Russians are funny... Idk why but when I'm high and I hear a white (not a mexican speaking mexican or whatever language they use) guy speak a different language it cracks me up (most white foreigners by me are russian)
  5. a mexican speaking mexican lol
  6. lol ALL russian parents (i mean 100% of them) strongly believe that weed is horrible and ruins lives, and some even think that if you smoke weed ONCE (1), you are automatically addicted to EVERY SINGLE drug that is out there. so im sure joe got a beating :D
  7. LOL silly Russians & there silly ways
  8. There's this Russian that lives across the street from my connect. The dude is straight out of Eastern Promises, I swear. He's like 5'8 with a fatty tattoo along his neck, buzzed head and a ridicuously thick accent. He comes over to buy in bulk (e.g., an elbow) and for the longest time he was talking in his thick Russian accent. Then one day our russian friend is there and he looks over my connects shoulder and sees Russian buddy, immediately he loses his accent and straight up sounds born-and-raised Canadian.

    We've assumed he's Russian Mafia ever since.
  9. did your russian friend lose his accent or did the dealers russian next door neighbor lose his accent?
  10. In soviet iunion ze joints smoke you!!!! Dah
  11. where does that come from?

  12. the fact we were talking about russians.. is were that came from
  13. Don't screw with Russians man, they will bury you.
  14. its time....

  15. Russian guy from next door.
  16. *in a deep russian accent*
    in california you come to party, in russia the party comes to you!
  17. How did the russian guy know your friend was russian?
  18. yeah thats true, you won't ever need to look for a party in russia. it comes to you.

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