The fuck.. Couldn't get my rig hard LOL

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 08 BANSHEE, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Well boyz, didn't really wanna post a thread about this, but it's pissing me off...

    The other day I went to do it with some broad I just met, basically talked to her for 2 days, this was the 2nd. I went over and we started doing shit, like I didn't even kiss her or fuck all really LOL, just started kissing her neck and then her tata's, then all over and then next thing you know all her clothes are off and I'm eating her out lol.. For like 35 minutes, still couldn't get hard... So basically I was like what in the fuck is going on here, like I just kept thinking about shit, I don't even know.

    Heres the problems I can see:
    1) I had to piss, 2) Shit was weird cause I hardly knew her, but WTF that never stopped me any other time, 3) Awkward positioning on a love seat I was all janked up..

    Wtf happened, anyone else ever have this happen to them? I keep thinkin' about this, it was weird.. I was just like "My dick won't get hard, I'm putting my clothes on.." :smoking::wave:
  2. I guess it wasn't meant to be good sir.
    No worries, there are plenty of fine broads out there.
  3. Next time pop like 5 viagras you'll be ready

  4. Lmao, one Viagra will get you hard. Taking 5 would give you like a 20 hour erection.

  5. Or a heart attack.
  6. wanna trade problems op? lol...
  7. hahahaha you said "rig"

  8. my sentiments exactly......
  9. When I first started having sex, i couldn't get hard sometimes if I was thinking about it too much and the more I thought about it and harder I tried to get hard the worse it got lol, or if I was really high lmao
  10. ^ When I'm high I get erections much easier.
  11. when i get erections, im much easier, high
  12. couldn't get ur dick hard eh? what r u 70?
  13. It just made me think about it too much and made me nervous, now, it makes no difference
  14. Can't spell correctly, what are you 12? :cool:
  15. Just hope this doesn't continue to get worse as you get older.

    Like a 70 year old man at a young age (I assume)
  16. :laughing::smoke::laughing:
  17. I was thinking of doing this, but I'm 18 LOL!

    What's yours? Hahah!

    Dude I think that's my problem, like I'm pretty sure it's cause it didn't just happen. Like I was thinking about it from the start!

    I'm 18! That's why I'm stumped!

    Pretty sure this is my problem.

    LOL let's hope it stops very soon, cause it's a shitty buzz just looking at the broad and saying "I can't get my dick hard, I'm putting my clothes on" hahaha


    Thank you for input blades!!! :)
  18. That sucks dude if im with any good looking chick and we kissing intimately like on the neck and shit and its about to go down i get rock hard hella easy.. Maybe you were nervous. When i lost my virginity and took the girls, it was like painful putting it in she was so damn tight, fucked her for like 10 minutes and she made me stop and sucked my dick for 30 minutes and i never came. I think its cause i was nervous, maybe you were to cause you didn't really know her lol.

    Oh and you're a sick bastard, eating out unknown pussy. I will never eat a bitch out unless i know her real well and shes clean and not a lot of dicks been in there.
  19. Hahahahahaha "you're a sick bastard, eating out unknown pussy" hahahahaha what the fuck else was I supposed to do? Stand there? She's only ever been with one other guy, shits clean. I don't fuck around with those hood rats.

    I started to kiss her on the lips a few times, and make out with her and it started too get me hard, I mean like.. 1/4-1/2 bone.. but then I stopped for whatever reason.. I think I'm gonna try again in my crib, in my bed, while intimately kissing her and shit.. She prolly thinks I think she isn't hot!! I think it's also cause I wasn't in my own slamming enviroment (my room, my jungle) and I wasn't high.

    She wants to hang out again on Sunday, so I will see if I can get this fucker hard on Sunday!!!

    PS: Is Viagra over the counter or can I just pick up a few at the Pharmacy incase I can't get my set up going again LOL

  20. back in the day my buddy decided he was gonna take some of his dads hydrocodone before school....but his dad for some reason used that bottle for his viagra. So my buddy took 3 viagras and went to school hahaha. the little fucker says he didnt get a boner but we all know he had a raging boner at school for everyone

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