The friend zone

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  1. How would one exit this god forsaken place? I seem to be in it with just about every girl ever. I'm pretty sure it has to do with my personality, because I don't think I'm ugly (probably what most uggos think, but whatevs). I'm not going to model for Abercrombie & Fitch, but still, I don't think looks are the issue. So yeah... Advice me.
  2. Well my boy, I have yet to find a way out of the friend zone once youre in it.
  3. What, you didn't see the trap door close behind you?
  4. wrong forum but its ok im sure itll get moved.

    dude it sucks trust me.....I KNOW.

    but one will come along that will see past it as in more then a me.

    just be glad you are even at the level of friend with girls and not one of those creepy guys or an asshole because they both don't get anywhere.
  5. As a female, I can say that it IS tough to get out of the friend zone, but it does happen. I married that guy. :)
  6. talk talk and more talk lol i dunno just make a move!!!
  7. so make a move. . .

  8. I'm kinda more asking about how to not get in it, rather than get out of it, nah mean? It's not like there's one girl in particular that I want something more with, it's that this always happens, and I want to make it stop. (Not to make the thread all about me. and some of you understood what I was saying, but ya)

  9. ya thats a tough one cause every girl is different and you don't know how they will react to you being friendly.
  10. well, when you meet a girl, instead of having a conversation with her, start flirting with her right off the bat. let her know you want something more then friends.

    they'll understand what you're asking for. and once they understand that, you cant start with the conversations on important issues.
  11. ding a fucking ling.:smoke:
  12. yeah man these guys are right, just go making it straight to her that your intention is not be "just friends"
  13. I think the best little advice on this subject I've read goes as follows:


    (In the words of the author, feel free to come up with your own pneumonic.)

    But yeah, aim to increase physical contact when the moment is right, and pay attention to whether she reciprocates and looks comfortable. If the responses you see are good, escalate!
  14. that shit is fuckin dreaded man....happens alot to me...until they get a glimpse of what im packin...then they just wanna fuck and stay friends. but if its a girl i actually like then my luck changes and they usually dont feel the same.
  15. 1. if you get friendzoned, dont dwell over it. Have her introduce you to more girls.

    2. if you dont want to get friendzoned, when you are on the phone, dont get her to talk about other guys, if that happens she will start to think of you as a friend and ask about guys and talk about them. ultimately, this will slowly crush your heart.
  16. oops, just read the op's intenton, my bad.
  18. The reason you guys get friend zoned is because you are being too much of a gentlemen to create the sexual tension needed for a girl to look at you more as a friend. Then when the girl tries to establish the sexual tension you become an awkward virgin and still don't establish it back because you are too busy trying to be a gentleman.

    You don't need to be a dick to get the women, the guys who are dicks KNOW WHAT THEY WANT, and they AREN'T AFRAID TO GET IT. Which is the quality that gets you past the friend zone.

    Think about James Bond, he's a gentleman, and he gets it in.
  19. To stay out of it in the first place you need to:
    Be aloof, and a little mysterious.
    Flirtatious from the very start.
    Don't be scared to touch her like a boyfriend would.
    Escalate towards sex rapidly.  Much more rapidly.
    Be busy, don't be too available.
    Don't let her talk to you about other guys, or female drama related shit.  (dismiss and change the subject)
    The last thing you want to be is "such a good listener".  This translates as: "He lets me unleash all my emotional baggage on him, and lavishes me with attention, but he must be kind of a loser, because his time is so invaluable that he can spend all day listening to my bullshit, and he never tries to get anything in return".

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