The flu :( x 5

Discussion in 'General' started by Never, May 31, 2009.

  1. I have the flu, headache, lightheadness, STUFFFFFED NOSE OF NO UNSTUFFYNESS, most dry deathy throat ever, thats what i get for sleeping with the furnace on.

    how do you blades fix your colds naturally?, cold and cough doesnt really work on me haha.

    its 7 oclock in the morning, ive had 3 hours of sleep and im now overtired.

    Help city, I need your guidence
  2. Cover your mouthhhhhhhh swine fluuuu :p a good tip my gran give me, herble tea's the red ones seem to work best for me. They can clear my stuffyness in a matter of hours.
  3. Oink Oink.

  4. If you get yourself a beer, warm it up and drink it.

    Whip out a sauce pan and pour the beer into it. Place it on the stove on a MEDIUM to LOW setting (My stove goes from 1 -10, so something around 4- 6 will work nice).

    Stir it around every so often, and once it is warm enough, just pour it into a mug and drink it.

    My parents do it sometimes, they say it works great.

    Ive never tried as i dont drink alcohol.

    Good Luck!
  5. ^ That sounds horrible
  6. Warm weed tea with honey... Doesn't that sound good?
  7. I've heard smoking a bowl or two helps alleviate the suffering a bit. Hope you get better soon and stuff.
  8. i basically have the same thing
    it must be flu season cause everyone is getting sick
    maybe were all getting swine flu
  9. I'm sick too. The doctor assured me it's not "swine flu" because I don't have a fever...haha. still sucks though, i am so friggin stuffed up and i had the worst sore throat for a couple days. the only thing helping me is nyquil to knock me out so i don't have to sit here all sickly and miserable.

    hope you feel better!
  10. I'm sick too... There were 23 kids at a local school that had swine flu, so im holding my breath. I think it may be mono.

    Or maybe I'm finally getting chicken pox! My mom said i never got it as a child :hide:

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