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The first times you smoked pot

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by StickyBudHound, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. I say the first time"s" because there are certain identifiers you'll recall that were different along the way that are kind of like milestones in your historical knowledge about the wonderous marijuana plant. I thought this would be an interesting topic for this section. Here's my story.

    I was born and raised in Iowa. My first experience with marijuana is as follows. In about 1979, my 2 best buds and I saw a bunch of Iowa ditch weed growing along an area we traveled on our bikes through a park. We promptly went home and got black garbage bags and proceeded to take as much of this plant we thought was marijuana as we could get. I think it really was mj but, it was absolutely awful and probably is on par with what hemp would taste like. I was 13 years old. We probably tried to smoke an oz st least of this crap and never got more than a headache.

    A few years later, my parents divorced and I moved to Oregon with my mom. I started high school out here in the Portland area in 1982.

    Wow, what a fucking trip Oregon is!! The high school has every possible group you've ever seen depicted in any 80s movie like Breakfast Club.

    I fell in with people who listened to hard rock, Iron Maiden was my favorite, and smoked cigarettes and a lot of pot. The Portland area in 1983 through 85 actually had a pretty good supply of REALLY good pot! It was $30 an eighth but it was very good. I learned quickly that the shit in Iowa was exactly that, shit.

    Fast forward 35 years, I can grow better pot after only 8 months of growing than I've ever purchased from any dealer before it was legalized here in Oregon and I have alway sought out exceptional pot. Mine is just as good as anything I can get from any recreational shop.

    Self reliance brothers and sisters! That's where it's at!! Grow that shit!!
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  2. The first time I smoked I was 19 years old. I was a student at a University in Kansas. I had held off all my life because I was afraid of it being illegal and didn’t want to get caught, but when I went to school something changed. My ex broke up with me and I needed a way to make new friends... anyway, I was offered pot by some of my college friends, they weren’t very understanding of the fact that it was my first time.

    The gave me a big bong to smoke out of, I took a huge rip!! I didn’t know how to smoke back then so I coughed so much that I thought I had ruptured a lung .

    The high was incredible. It was wintertime And I was wearing my winter boots so my ankles were so warm but my legs were cold and my body was warm... but that first high came with a body high too! The difference in temperature made it so it felt like my feet weren’t underneath my legs... I fell down a few stairs and had to learn how to walk with spaghetti legs... it was the best high, my first high.

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  3. My first time seeing weed or hash I was 14 with a mate in his mates bedroom they were a bit older than.
    They were doing buckets I think they get called gravity bongs in the USA.
    I sat an watch them then was offers one an went for it I swear I was so stoned before I let all the smoke out and coughed like a mofo lol it was crazy that one bucket fucked me uo till the next day
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  4. Late 70’s here, too - I remember hangin out with the “big kids” and they were ahead of me walk-in down the road and I smelled it and knew right away what it was - and that I wanted it -

    There was a shit ton of heads in school back then. We had “smoking areas” in school and when the weather was bad everyone piled into the bathrooms - and although massive clouds would pour out into the hallways for some reason it didn’t even matter back then.

    First time tho - And every day for the following year I was wasted as hell LOL
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  5. Lol, I remember. I was about 1994/95 or so; Friends place and I said fuck it, I'll try it. Ended up smoking for a while and having Dark Side of the Moon (typical) playing. That drive home though.. Had to drive by the police station.
  6. The first time i smoked pot was in 1994.. i was 9.. my brother & I he was 10.. booooiiiiiiii i remember like it was yesterday lmao.. (stole it from mom)
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  7. 1967 it’s funny, 16 got some weed,it’s full of seeds, can I twist one?, not really.
    In bathroom at home, window open, hello.
    Now to lie down, stare at the ceiling, and contemplate the next 50 years. We had some gangster friends.(real gangsters) they kept bricks in freezer. Shit when we got desperate, you guessed it ditch weed. Not really it was some grass [​IMG]weed we found, we smoked about a lb. and
    decided it’s not weed[​IMG]

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  8. I was 13 when I first smoked weed. It was back in Jamaica and I had already stopped going to school by then so I was at my cousins house.

    He was a few years older than me but he was still my favorite cuz.

    Anyway him and his friends where smoking from this really big Bong and he offered me to try it. I got high af that day lol it felt sooo good. I was spacin hard too lol.

    After we got high my mother stopped by and iwas nervous she would yell at me or w/e so I hid behind the door the whole time she was there ctfu.

    After she left we smoked some bowls too and then we went walking around and everyting was good. Its one of my best memories i have!

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  9. My first time was in the early/mid 90's when I was in my mid teens. My older brother and I were up on a hill on the outskirts of town in the back of a pick up. After smoking I said I don't think I feel anything. He said "feel your mouth" and I did, I hadn't realized I had a shit eating grin the whole time. We took some cardboard out of the truck and did some sledding on the dry grasses down the hill.
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