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  1. Tomorrow ill be giving the box 2 more coats of white paint,
    then ill be installing the fans and lights,
    I have a pic of wot its gonna look like,
    Any ideas or help appreciated,

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  2. what size box is it? what type of fans and lights are you going to use? i am wanting to make me a small box and i like your design...thanx

  3. Im using a plastic storage box, you know the kind,available in loads of sizes,
    with a lid on top.Im spraying the inside white and the outside using 4 small fans for air intake and 1 big fan for exhaust,and 1 for the reflector.Im using only two 18w CF's at the moment till i see what the temps are like,
    More than likely, ill be using 2 more at the side of the plants when they get bigger,
    The pic below shows the stuff im using.ill be making a slide system to move the lights up and down soon, ill post pics and designs when i do it.
    Ill post a pic of the box with the fans and painted in the next 2 or 3 days.
    I hope i answered all your Q's,

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  4. lookin good

    erm i am thinkin tho that the fan on top of the lights might blow more hot air around the box and back at ur plants than str8 at the ex fan, i doubt it will cause any probs but is it worth having it there in the 1st place? a bit of ducting when the plants get tall might help?

    wot seeds u gonna grow in there m8?
  5. Ive been thinking about that for a while now,
    From my last grow with CF's i noticed they get a lot hotter than standard flourescents
    and create a lot of stagnant heat around the bulbs and reflector.
    Without the fan for example, the bulbs heat the air and as the air expands a lot of it
    is trapped under the reflector since it is trying to rise, and creates a blanket of
    hot air being insulated by the reflector and this area around the bulbs is the hottest area in the box.I know this cos i tested it out with a digital thermometer and there is a huge difference in temp.
    The advantage of the fan is efficiency of air circulation, and stopping hot spots and evening out the overall temp of the box.
    The fan cant blow hot air on to the plants cos its trying to rise and wont fall, instead it just pushes the hot stagnant air out from underneath the reflector and lets it rise to the top of the box where it is trapped and sucked out by the exhaust fan.
    So basically, instead of creating hot spots near the plants(which is not good),
    Its created nearer to the top of the box where it can be sucked out(which is good).
    Do ya see what im talking about?
  6. As for seeds,
    I got 10 seeds of a mate whos growing for free, and i seen the plants and they were indica but he didnt know what type.Good smoke of it too, very strong.
    Since its indica its perfect for my little grow box, better than that "thai weed" lol
    Didnt see ya around for a while barnaby still growing?
  7. yeah i get ur drift, im just thinkin that the force of the air riseing from covection is gonna b overpowerd by the force of the fan. mayb try it out with a bit of smoke in the box 1st so u can c how the air acts when the fan is on.
  8. done them nl5x big buds and the skunk, im in the middle of a mad court battle with the ex at the mo tho over seeing my kid so im mr clean and shes fucked.

    police took my pc tryin to get me 4 all kindsa shite, didnt have the heart to tell them they was 3days 2 late lol.

    good luck with the grow m8
  9. Good idea with the smoke,ill test it out for sure
    Sorry to hear bout that legal crap, hope it turns out well for ya
    Lol 3 days too late, now thats thinkin ahead!
    I should be around the city a lot more now
    cya around ,
  10. Finally sprayed the whole box,
    It took a few cans of spray paint to finish it off and make it light proof
    cos its a stealth box.
    The pics aint too good, but its a nice bright white on the inside
    and on the outside of course, Black, so it'll be hard to see
    Ill be installing the fans and lights tomorrow so ill post a pic,
    Im delighted that its all finally coming together so well,
    Im gonna make a filter for the air intake to stop insects and dust from getting into it,
    Im gonna make a few filters out of tights and change em every week or so,
    Also, Would it be better if i used "cool white's" for vegging and when im going to flower, use "warm white's" ?

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  11. and the outside,

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  12. what about odor? any plans for a carbon scrubber?
  13. Hippie, i got plans to make a carbon filter and im gonna start on it as soon as i get the stuff in town,its gonna be smaller though!
    Cheers for the link and info slim, good lookin out man!
    The box is coming along good now but ive decided to put 4/6 CFL's on top instead,
    im gonna make a new light holder and reflector for it tonight.
    Ill post sum pics soon and show ya wot it looks like!
    Hows ure box coming along?any new ideas?
    Good luck slim!
  14. the only ones i can get around town are 18w Cfl's,
    im gonna look around though for more powerful ones for better penetration,
    if u can get hps without breaking the bank, then by all means get it,
    i would get 1 if i had more space but my plants are gonna be tiny either way so
    flouro's just seem like a good idea i guess!
    hows the grow box now?any new info?
  15. why is it called rubbermaid? it should be plasticmaid.
  16. y maid, y not box. plasticbox! sounds catchy i think. much betta than rubbermaid
  17. do i feel a new business?

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