The Final Cut

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  1. As many of you know, I am a hardcore Pink Floyd enthusiast. (99% of the time I'm playing ol' Pink on my stereo system.)

    It wasn't till a few days ago that I realized how great The Final Cut album is. It is especially magnificent to listen to while toking up a few bowls and light some candles. Be sure to pay attention to the lyrics of the songs.

    A little precaution: the album can be very maudlin and make you feel sad. BUT it is a good kind of sad, as in, an honorable sadness because the album involves a lot of war issues.

    The album reminded me of the blockbuster We Were Soldiers.
  2. They are great, but do u not get sick of the same band over and over?
  3. i have heard that they made the final cut to be their last album because they were convinced the world was heading for nuclear war in five years and they wanted to spend the time left with their families.two suns in the sunset scenario...
  4. Not necessarily, I never turn off my radio, so when I'm not specifically listening to a band, various Pink albums are playing all day and night. Even when I'm not home.:D

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