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The FIM technique

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by CaseyJones420, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the F.uck I. M.issed technique. Its a way to top a plant(s). A book i have says that the bottom 10% of the bud remains intact. I don't even understand topping as it is. So... do I cut 90% off the top bud when its small? Any help would be grateful. Thanks
  2. Holy cow, thanks man...that helped alot. Is it possible to top or fim a plant multiple times? And if so do you have to wait three sets of leaves to do it again? Thanks again for the help man.
  3. i'm hardly an expert but i'm pretty sure you can top/fim as much as you like without much problems.

    this is a pretty interesting thread.. homergrower topped the shit out of his plants and they came out nice from what i remember.

  4. only if you enjoy trimming a shitload of smaller buds. on my last grow I topped my bigger plant about 200 times before i flowered it.

    watched like 4 movies in a row while trimming all that shit.
  5. I really wouldn't suggest Fimming or topping a plant it is such a obsolete technique with no real benefits....You will not yield more weight just more smaller fluffier buds, sometimes losing potential yield.

    The best technique to improve yield is LST: Low stress Training
  6. I messed up a fimming and made the node come out all ef'ed up.

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