The fight for power.

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    I was thinking about history, and the way in which powers change over hundreds of years.

    Military powers like Ghengis Khan and Alexander the great all vied for the most power. This was the scene for thousands of years before the dawn of christ and was still prominent up until the middle ages. Today this includes the Taliban and most rebel causes.

    Religious powers also ruled for thousands of years, all with massive followers. During the middle ages these were the most powerful off all leaders, being able to draw more strength in numbers then the military powers alone.

    Governments are now the respected leaders of the world with their divided lands, officials and 'democracy' (or communism or something). Some governments today are just 'official' Military Powers (North Korea).

    Are all these powers vying for more at all times?

    For most of early history, the layout of the land could be divided between the mighty powers, such as the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Assyrians, Persians etc. The main item of these examples were their military might, with religion more to do with the day to day life of civilians.
    The map during the middle ages could show the kingdoms boundaries, or it could show the religous boundaries, which would have had much more influence over the land now and the ability to call crusades/jihads for massive operations.
    These days the states boundaries are the most common layout of the land, fuelled by diplomacy and who looks the best in the publics eye.

    The government was always in the background - like religion was during early history - and realised the slow downfall of religion and has used it to 'slingshot' itself to the forefront of power. It can now use religion to manipulate its own desires.
    Religions, military powers and Governments have both ruled the world. Has religion dropped down in the heirachy and governments/democracy is the new 'in thing' for the world powers.

    This might not make any sense at all to anyone else. I'm going to go smoke a bong. :smoking:

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