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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Zylark, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. festivals, the mere word makes my have wet dreams. but alas, during these orgies of beer'n'weed'n'music something is bound to go a bit, ehm, wrong, unexpected, hilarious...

    so if you got a good festival story, please share. i'll kick off with a small story:

    last year, at the quart festival. after doing lights on the first band out, on the first day, we all figured it was a pretty good idea to get as wasted as possibly possible. seeing as the gig was great, the audience greater and we were the greatest. long story short, we made it. well, i did at least.

    back at the hotel, i crashed at the lounge, having a last beer before closing speaking to a very cool celebrity that i absolutely cannot remember who was. only he was black, real cool and relaxed. anyhow, beddie time, fetched my key at the reception and went too search out my room. no luck. down to reception again, "duh, where *exactly* is my room. with very accurate descriptions, i went to work again. no luck. i could not for the life of me find my room. another trip down to reception. "now lissen up, through this maze you call a hotell, *where is my goddamned room*!!!!" as a last resort, one of the reception girlies had to walk me up there, and she was giggling quite a bit i tell ya. but i got to my room, and a few hours precious sleep... until we (shared room with the sound-tech) got a call around 1400 the next day "when are you checking out, we've tried to get hold of ya know for over three hours!!" we got up, and priorities beeing as they were, we first had a biggie, and a beer before stumbling outside into the hall. where the cleaning personall was tripping with their little cart and all. guess who got even more wasted *that* day :D

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